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Feb 4, 2009 08:38 AM

Park City night out

Hi all,
I'm a Boston-hound heading with my partner, 14 mo old baby, and another couple next week to Park City... With the baby, we'll probably eat at fairly casual places most nights but we're hoping to get a babysitter one night --so that's where you come in. . Where would you go, if you had just 1 good meal to choose? I think we all like most types of cuisine, with a slight edge to Italian/Italian-influenced, but good old American comfort food is nice too. One in the crew is a vegetarian, so would like to have a menu with a few non-meat options. We're not looking for overly upscale and/or pretentious & it doesn't have to be "special occasion-y" --more about delicious, fresh food cooked with passion, using in-season, local ingredients. I've done a bit of research and have a few possibilities, but would love hounds' input:

--350 Main

Am I missing anything? Are any of these standouts from the others?

And if you'd like to chime in on good places that would be somewhat kid-friendly too, that'd be great.

Thanks so much.

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  1. all are decent, with my fav in that group 350 main. head chef there used to work at jamin as i recall. personally, i have never had a great meal at chimayo nor shabu. if you have a preference for staying on main street, 350's great. another good place is blind dog, good food, killer wine list (had '97 merryvale profile for less than $250 over xmas)! but it is in prospector square, about 5 min drive from main street. on the plus, it is hard to have a bad meal when you come out of dinner and its dumping. good luck

    1. Hi twentyoystahs - we're heading to PC this wknd from BOS. Wondering if you have any feedback? Thx so much.