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Feb 4, 2009 08:14 AM

hippest LA eateries

what are the coolest, to-the-minute places to eat in LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood right now? i'm planning to be in town (just a three-day weekend) and want to be sure to make reservations ahead. thanks so much!!

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  1. The Bazaar and XIV have been frequently reviewed since their openings.

    1. I haven't been to the Bazaar but have been to XIV. I'm sure some will disagree but not only is it a fun/exciting restaurant but thought the food was interesting and tasty. We did the 8 course menu if I recall correctly (it's tiny tapas so don't feel overwhelmed by that number).

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        1. You try Wokano in Santa Monica yet? I think there is also one in Pasadena if I'm not mistaken. Good stuff, nice decor. And, surprisingly inexpensive.

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            food is fair at best. go for the boozing, not for the food.

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              wilafur, I must agree. I guess all the happy hour brews skewed my taste buds or something. The decor is pretty cool, though.

          2. animal on fairfax

            gordon ramsay @ the london hotel (wouldn't reco based on their usual prices but with the deals they're working now i'd say it's a go).

            and then for the westside:



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              I second that, dfoldes. Riva is mighty tasty and somewhat affordable.