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hippest LA eateries

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what are the coolest, to-the-minute places to eat in LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood right now? i'm planning to be in town (just a three-day weekend) and want to be sure to make reservations ahead. thanks so much!!

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  1. The Bazaar and XIV have been frequently reviewed since their openings.

    1. I haven't been to the Bazaar but have been to XIV. I'm sure some will disagree but not only is it a fun/exciting restaurant but thought the food was interesting and tasty. We did the 8 course menu if I recall correctly (it's tiny tapas so don't feel overwhelmed by that number).

      1. You try Wokano in Santa Monica yet? I think there is also one in Pasadena if I'm not mistaken. Good stuff, nice decor. And, surprisingly inexpensive.

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          food is fair at best. go for the boozing, not for the food.

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            wilafur, I must agree. I guess all the happy hour brews skewed my taste buds or something. The decor is pretty cool, though.

        2. animal on fairfax

          gordon ramsay @ the london hotel (wouldn't reco based on their usual prices but with the deals they're working now i'd say it's a go).

          and then for the westside:



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            I second that, dfoldes. Riva is mighty tasty and somewhat affordable.

          2. 2nd that. It wouldn't be hip anymore if it actually get mentioned out in the open.

            1. Bazaar at SLS
              Katsuya in Hollywood
              Penthouse at the Huntley is still hopping
              Gjelina or AK on Abbot Kinney in Venice