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Honeycrisp Apples?

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A friend recently came and visited from Seattle and couldn't stop swooning over the wonders that are honeycrisp apples. Now, I love apples of (nearly) all kinds, but now I've got my sights set on acquiring the perfect honeycrisp. Problem is, I can't seem to find them. Santa Monica Coop, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, SM Farmer's Market (Sunday, not Wednesday) - can't find 'em anywhere. I generally try to buy local produce but I might even make an exception to get my hands on these beauties - if you can recommend a local source, thats a bonus.

So, anyone know where to get my hands on a honeycrisp somewhere in LA? West side preferred but at this point I'm willing to travel . . ..

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  1. this may help a little:

    I would suggest calling/emailing the growers to find out whether the ship to LA, and to whom. It looks like this varietal is grown only in the midwest, which is why your farmer's markets don't carry them.

    Here's a map of CA with apple orchards, most with the varietals they grow listed:

    1. Seen them at Whole Foods... and they are the best damn apples... worth finding.

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          i bought them in December at the Whole Foods at third and fairfax. i haven't checked since then to see if they still have them. you may want to call.

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            See them at both Sherman Oaks locations as recently as two weeks ago. Might be a bit of a drive so you might want to call them first. But they are seriously good. Better then Pink Lady or Fujis (my previous favorites).

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              Yeah, Pink Ladys and Fujis are my favorites too! Man, I gotta find these apples.

        2. Bristol Farms $3.99/#....it's late in the season and they're not going to be around much longer.

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            They have them at Ralph's. I just bought some last Sunday.

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              not the Ralphs I've been to . . . where did you find them?

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                I just bought them again at the Ralph's in Alhambra this week.

          2. fwiw, they are not in the 'sweet spot' of their season right now.
            they are widely available when they are in season.

            1. I saw them at Costco three weeks ago. Also saw them at Trader Joe's two weeks ago. Both places trade out items quickly so they may not be there any more but it's worth a shot to look.

              1. I know nothing about apples but this thread intrigued me so I went apple hunting on the way home.

                Stop By Fresia, the Korean market. Dominated by Fuji which I guess is to be expected.

                Then I went to my local Albertson's. What astonished me was that they carried 15 or so different varieties of apples. Of course, Honeycrisp wasn't one of them.

                Finally I went to Whole Foods and while they had 10 or 11 varieties, again no Honeycrisp.

                From now on, every time I'm near a supermarket I'm going to have to go inside and see if they have Honeycrisp.

                I can understand that this isn't prime apple season, but if markets are carrying every other kind of apple, why would Honeycrisp be missing?

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                  They're one of the hardest apples to grow and so the supply is shorter in comparison to other varieties. .and they're on the down turn of their growing season....
                  They're also one of the more expensive apples on the market and so not all markets pick them up.

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                    all the markets that huagiao tried did have them earlier in the season.

                    within the 'apple season' the various varieties of apples have their own season, and it is too late to be seeing honeycrisp. probably the ones that can be found now have been kept in cold storage for several weeks.

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                      Very true however there are a few stores I've been to who've never carried them...and some of those I've seen at the stores who do carry them would be considered culls compared to the ones I've been buying for the last several weeks.

                      1. re: latindancer

                        to me, apples that have been in cold storage often don't look any different from ones that haven't. it's the taste, not the appearance, that starts to slide, and even that descent is dependent on both the apple itself and the quality of the storage facility.

                2. Gelson's definitely has them - Century City and Encino.

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                    Gelson's has had them for the season for the last two years. Currently they have organic honeycrisps. I paid $2.69 /lb yesterday in the palisades. century city always has them as well. they are the BEST!

                  2. 99 Ranch Market in Rowland Heights has them.

                    Bristol Farms has had them as well.

                    1. Apple update: on the way home tonight I stopped by the Bristol Farms on PCH and they had Honeycrisps!

                      I just had one and it was really good. Now, I'm an apple newb so I don't really know if it was the best apple ever, but I'd buy them again next time I see them even though they're pricier than the other apples.

                      1. Late to the party, but I'll still chime in. On 1-29, Hows market in San Marino had beautiful ENORMOUS Honeycrisps @ $2.99 lb. My wife thought 1 apple would cost over $3!! P.S., HC's keep for weeks unbagged in the veg. crisper in your fridge. My absolute favorite fresh eating apple.

                        1. the bristol farms in westchester on lincoln north of manchester had some very good-looking large honeycrisps today for $3.29/lb.
                          my guess is that it will cost you a little under $3 per apple..

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                            Ralph's on Olympic and Barrington and Ralph's on Wilshire and Bundy both carry Honeycrisp apples - just bought a big bag at each store this past weekend.

                          2. This may sound funny, but 2 places i've had surprising luck in findimg Honeycrisp apples: Wal-Mart Neighborhood stores and BigK K-Mart grocery stores! I'm not 100% sure about LA, but they have been easy to find for me in Las Vegas.
                            This apple is THE BEST ever, and so worth hunting for! Good luck in your search!

                            1. Honeycrisp apples at Ralphs on Buena Vista in Burbank, as of yesterday. $2.99 a lb.

                              1. Okay, I just walked by a Bristol Farms (Westwood and Ohio . . . a really small store) on my way to work, and found them!! They were obscenely expensive . . . I'm almost embarassed to say I paid $3.99/lb . . . but it's been such a quest and now I have to check them out!

                                It's on my menu for lunch today so I'll let you know how it goes. Yesterday I had a Pacific Rose apple that I bought at Whole Foods for $2.99/lb (I'm an apple snob, I know), and it was probably about the same size as the Honeycrisp I have, maybe a bit smaller ($2 for the apple) . . . anyway, it blew my apple-loving mind. So we'll see how the Honeycrisp compares.

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                                1. re: Cebca

                                  OK, had my honeycrisp last night after dinner. Very delicious, excellent texture, and in general I'm a big fan of enormous apples, so A+ for size. But all in all, I think the Pacific Rose I had earlier in the week was the superior fruit. It was sweeter and had more depth of flavor, while the honeycrisp had more of an earthy flavor but just generally not as much nuance. I would still probably take it over a Fuji anyday, if only for the exoticism.

                                  1. re: Cebca

                                    Hmm, I'm going to have to find me a Pacific Rose if it's better than both the Honeycrisp and Fuji. Maybe I can find one at one of the Studio City farmers market this morning - anyone been yet and seen them?

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                                      I was at the Sunday SM Farmer's Market, admittedly MUCH smaller than the Wednesday, but there was only ONE apple vendor there, all Fuji, and the big ones were going for $3.50/lb (small ones for $2.50)!

                                2. I just bought Honeycrisp's earlier in the week at Ralph's on Main Street in Alhambra!

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                                    I've enjoyed honeycrisps. I tried a JAZZ apple this year, and have been buying them every time I see them.

                                    My all time favorite from my east coast days remains the Northern Spy

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                                      I think I've seen Jazz around, but I've never even heard of Northern Spy. I, too, hail from the East, and miss being able to go apple picking in the fall . . ..

                                  2. as has become obvious on this thread, apples are extremely complicated. though they may seem to be about as basic as parsley, there are many different varieties coming from many different areas at many different times. And then there's the issue of storage ... some apples don't store at all, they're best right off the tree; others actually improve in storage. and then there's the issue of the taster ... some folks like sweet apples, some like tart apples. there's no one right answer or one right variety. honeycrisp is a terrific apple, but even a Fuji can be when it's grown right. my personal favorite is probably a well-grown pink lady, which has for me the perfect balance of tart and sweet (fairly tart) with a real cider-y flavor. but that can be a frustrating apple because if its grown in areas that don't get enough chill, it can be pretty insipid.

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                                      I agree, Pink Ladies can generally be counted on for good texture and nice flavor - they rarely end up mealy as can plague so many other apples. I did buy 4 fujis on Sunday even at the ridiculously inflated price, and I have to say they've actually been pretty delicious.

                                    2. Thanks to this thread, I've bought more apples these last 2 weeks than I've bought my whole life added up. I'm not kidding. I never buy apples. :)

                                      Today I bought some Pacific Rose and Pink Lady and the cashier told me I really need to try the Jazz apples. Definitely next on my list.

                                      Trying to distinguish between the different varieties is hard for a newbie like me, though. Seems I need to eat everything side by side to get an idea of how each one is different. The Pacific Rose I had tonight was good, but there was no tartness at all. I think the fact that the Honeycrisp has a hint of tartness makes it a little more interesting for me.

                                      Honestly, though, all the apples I've had lately(Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Pac Rose) seem so much better than apples I had when I was a kid. I don't remember apples ever being all so nice and crisp, but maybe I just had mediocre ones.

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                                        Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Because I grew up in CT but now I live in CA and its like a whole new produce world.

                                        The Fujis I bought at the Farmers Market were actually delicious and are all gone by now. I've also heard good things about Jazz so maybe that will be my next experiment as well.

                                        I agree, I think a side-by-side apple taste test might be in my future...

                                        1. re: Cebca

                                          that is a good idea, but keep in mind that it'll be a moving target. the best apple variety will probably change every couple of weeks beginning in late august and running through about now, which is really the tail-end of apple season (why aren't you buying mandarins instead?)

                                          1. re: FED

                                            Because I can pick oranges off of the orange tree in my cousin's yard, and citrus will never satisfy my desire for a tart crunch.

                                            Point taken about the moving target, though. Mostly its just a good excuse to eat more apples.

                                      2. Honeycrisps have a short season so they can be hard to track down...but so worth the hunt!

                                        Empires are also incredible.... but they are an east coast variety and REALLY hard ti get ou there.

                                        good luck on the hunt and enjoy them apples!! I loooove honeycrisps.