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drinks after the opera, walking distance to the COC when it's minus 14

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I'm thinking Nota Bene is my best bet, but can anyone think of any other establishments that are a short walk from the COC, and open from 10 pm- midnight on a weeknight? Looks like Forte Bistro & Lounge closes at 11 pm during the week.


Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

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  1. There are a few places in the Sheraton Hotel right next door. It's been a while since I've been but I think you don't even have to go outside.

    1. Monsoon on Simcoe has a nice bar.

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        There's also the Keg on York St. I assume they're open after 10.
        I'll be enjoying nachos and a keg-size glass of wine pre-opera tonight...

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          lol illy....I might see you there....somehow the post-opera drinks at a place-that-had-not-been-determined turned into pre-opera drinks at the Keg.

          Does anyone know if the York Street Keg does any cocktails particularly well?

          Thanks for the suggestions of places inside the Sheraton & Monsoon, JamieK & Chalkboy- will keep them in mind for the next opera;)

      2. Forte is right across from the COC on Richmond. They have a nice cocktail list and lounge food if you want a small bite as well. I've been twice and I enjoyed it each time. I think it is nicer than the Keg.

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          Agree completely that Forte is nicer than the Keg.

          Had a lovely dinner at Forte last night- Forte will now be my go-to restaurant before the COC or any concerts at Roy Thomson Hall:)

          Haven't had an opportunity to try their cocktails yet.

        2. Hy's Steakhouse on Adelaide has a cozy bar...

          1. I'd stay stick with your gut and go to Nota Bene. Or the Rex if you feel like more music.