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Feb 4, 2009 07:13 AM

Summer rehearsal dinner

I do not know Boston well. I am looking for a site for a Friday evening RD for 25 people. The restaurant should be within a 10 minute drive of the Museum of Science. All things equal, closer is better. Reasonable parking options, A/C, and a decent amount of space/quiet and ambience are essential. Several people cannot walk long distances or take public transit.

Guests will likely prefer northern Italian, French, and American/local in that order. Other good options are possible. Fish is not a priority. We are foodies and have lived in Emilia Romagna and Toscana. Something in the $75-100 (all charges included) pp range is essential. Lower end of the range is best, but for the right place.......

I would very much welcome your comments and suggestions.

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  1. Dante would be a great choice, close by, within budget and a great venue with an outside deck.

    1. Scampo in The Liberty Hotel in Boston would be a good bet. It is a short cab ride across the river to the MOS. The hotel also has outdoor space which could be nice in the summer.
      Right around the corner from MOS is Dante. Also has an outdoor venue where it would be nice to have cocktails and then move into a private dining room.
      There is Bambara, located in the Hotel Marlowe and across the street. A nice space but I am not overwhelmed by the food.
      A short cab ride down the street to Atasca which is a Portugese restaurant has a nice ambience and again, an outdoor patio.
      I am sure others will weigh in with more ideas and also critiques of these choices. I would place Scampo at the top of the list, foodwise, followed by Dante.
      All of the above, except Atasca, are located in nice hotels, so perhaps you could negotiate for good room rates for your wedding party as well as the RD.

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        Wanted to add an addendum (addendi?):
        1. Dante is located in the Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge.
        2. A number of Chowhounders recommend Benatti at 1128 Cambridge Street. That would be a very short cab ride. It is a small restaurant and the owner is from Emilia Romagna. Perhaps they would be willing to close the restaurant for your private party. I have not been there, but have heard only good things about the food.