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Feb 4, 2009 07:12 AM

Is there anywhere decent to eat near Scotrun, PA???

We are off for another trip to Great Wolf Lodge and we just can't take the awful food there this trip. Any recommendations for a decent place to dine? We have been to the Scotrun diner and heard that Pangea is good, but I am not a fan of Indian Food.

I found a few places nearby and was wondering if anyone has eaten at the following:

Swiftwater -
Britannia Country Inn Restaurant and Lounge
Pocono Brewing Company

Barley Creek Brewing Company
Black Bears Lodge
Hallet's Cozy Corner Restaurant
Inn at Tannersville
Irv's Hideaway Inn (all you can eat buffet)
Sarah Ellen (coffee shop)
Billy's Pocono Diner

Pocono Mountains:
Don Quixote Restaurant

Alfredo's Pizzeria Bartonsville


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  1. I can give you a partial reply. Billy's Pocono diner used to be pretty good, although I havn't eaten there in a year.
    Of The others Barley Creek has fairly good brews with so-so food.
    Tannersville inn is an old school Steak and Seafood House- Nothing special.

    Two places we like better in the area are Smugglers Cove (across from Tannersville Inn)- which has good -but not great- seafood. and Dales on 611 between Tannersville and Bartonville, which has a good, fairly eclectic lunch menu.

    The best diner in the area is Snydersville Diner- probably 20minutes from Great Wolf which is known for their home made pies and Roast Beef. Their chicken and waffle special (served every Sunday) is a particular favorite of ours.

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      thanks - as a chowhound with 2 chowpups and a chowspouse - I just can't bear to wolf down the food there anymore.......