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Feb 4, 2009 07:01 AM

Where is the best Indian Restaurant in Cambridge?

I moved to Cambridge a few months ago and am on a quest to find some tasty, casual, and reasonably priced Indian (curry) in Cambridge. So far, we've tried The Curry King near Bridge street (good and reasonably priced food but no atmosphere), the Curry Centre on Castle Street (ok), and the Saffron Brasserie on Hills Road (terrible food, service, and atmosphere). There must be some better options out there. Any ideas?

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  1. Apparently the Curry House on Castle Street is very good indeed. Not tried it myself but my girlfriend is a big fan.

    1. I swear by the Golden Curry on Mill Road - excellent food and a really good atmosphere. For take away, I prefer Kismet, in Catherine St (I think), the other side of the bridge.

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        used to be an excellent Keralan joint called the Rice Boat, near The Granta perhaps? This was three years ago or so.

      2. I quite like Saffron Brasserie! In fact my user name here is almost in tribute to their chicken dhansak. But it can be variable, no doubt.

        Golden Curry and Curry Queen on Mill Road have long been favourites in Cambridge. There is also a Keralan place up on Castle St.

        My personal favourite in Cambridge is Pipasha on Newmarket Road.

        Assuming an outside link is not naughty on CH, the following site is an excellent resource: