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Noodles on 28 jacked up their prices. Any recs for another chinese restaurant in Gramercy

I've been ordering for Noodles on 28 for years, but they recently increased their prices by what I consider a significant amount. I really can't bring myself to pay almost $14 for chicken and broccoli. I was thinking about trying Chef 28. Any thoughts?

Any additional recommendations for chinese restaurants in the Gramercy Area (I live on Lex and 26th) would be really appreciated. Thank you!!!!

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  1. The Cottage
    33 Irving Pl
    (At 16th St)

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    1. I'm pretty sure you're in the delivery zone for Wu Liang Ye and Szechuan Gourmet.


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        Agreed with WLY. I dont know if Szechuan Gourmet would deliver there but they are great. But then again, if you just want chicken and broccolli i'm not sure these are the best choices.

      2. I live in your nabe on Lex and 27th and dislike Noodles on 28. Since the closing of Spade, sorely missed, I've ordered Chinese takeout from "Good Chinese Food" 157 E. 33rd (Lex/Third). Fast, inexpensive and very often delicious.

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          As a side question, has anyone checked out that new place where Incredi used to be... Yan Yan?

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            Tried a lunch special at Yan Yan and didn't really love it. It was a bit greasy, and the quality of chicken was a little lower then I was hoping, since I had finally tried Incredi and was pretty impressed.

            That said, I was always a Sam's devotee and the last time I tried Noodles on 28, I thought it was pretty junky....so I might have different taste, and a Noodle on 28 fan might just be perfectly happy with Yan Yan.

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            Have not lived in the area for 1.5 years, but we used to order from Jimmy's too.

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              I've lived around the corner from Jimmy House for 12 years and never heard of it until the recommendation of "princeofpork" and "valerie" above! I tried it last night and it was darned good. Great crispy duck, double sauteed pork and cantonese noodle soup.

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                So glad you enjoyed it. Best Hot and Sour soup on the east side.

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                  Glad you liked it too. I only wish we had a place like that in Westchester!

              1. Grand Szechuan on Lex and 33 is consistent and good.

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                  I know it's a favorite, but it's not much cheaper (chicken and broccoli $10.50).

                  Is the food similar to the other locations? If so I think you really have to like spicy food to get much of a thrill out of it. I kind of think there's a lot of hype around the place actually. As a neighborhood thing to order in, it's worth a try for sure as a suggestion, and certainly as good as Noodles on 28, but people talk about Sichuan Grand / Grand Sichuan like it's the best in the city so I had to say something.

                2. Also gonna have to go with Jimmy's--I am pretty picky about Chinese and think that they are well above average...the lunch platter is an incredible bargain...4 dishes, rice and soup (enough for 2 good meals) for $5...and good, authentic dishes too. I have had salt/pepper seafood and ma po tofu from there within the last few weeks and they were really excellent. Price is right as well.

                  Also, do not forget about Mee Noodle House over on 2nd...they have great noodle and wonton soups and when my friend got tofu with vegetables I was really surprised at how well the tofu was cooked. I have also gotten scallion pancake there and it was completely crisp and not at all greasy...a very underrated and inexpensive place.