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Feb 4, 2009 06:09 AM

I know epi's doing it, but what are your 5 favorite kitchen things?

This is to hard, but mine are:

1. Well-seasoned cast iron skillet (s)
2. Huge cast-iron Dutch oven
3. KitchenAid food processor
4. Electric griddle.
5. Microplane and other graters.

Epicurious has very few posts on this - figure Chowhounds will do better!

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  1. My favorite kitchen things are: a good sharp chef's knife, my big Cuisinart food processor, a coffee grinder, another one for spices, kitchen shears. In fact, I love everything in my kitchen!

    1. 1. KitchenAid stand mixer (cobalt blue!)
      2. Oxo Good Grips peeler (I used to hate to peel vegetables before I had this!)
      3. salad mister (for olive oil)
      4. Wusthof knife block
      5. Gaggia espresso machine

      I love everything in my kitchen, too...and what "lives" in the sunroom right off of the kitchen since not everything fits. ;)

      1. My chefs knives( I have 3 chefs knives with a equally outrageous number of secondary and paring knives)
        My MC2 12" fry pan
        My bench knife
        My coffee pot( I pray to Juan Valdez)
        My Kitchen-aid mixer

        PS, This thread might be better suited for cookware forum.

        1. Not including a good chef's knife and a good paring knife, which I assume are essential in any kitchen, here are mine, not necessarily in this order:
          1. Heatproof rubber scraper/spatula with a slightly concave surface
          2. Microplane graters
          3. Immersion blender-don't use it often, but am sure glad I have it when I need it
          4. A wooden spatula I use for practically any sauteing, frying
          5. Tie between my big Le Creuset dutch oven and my large AllClad skillet--use both all the time

          Honorable mention: Silpat or other stickproof baking sheets, blender, Cuisinart food processor, a gigantic stainless steel mixing bowl, a small cast iron fry pan for toasting nuts, garlic, chiles, spices, etc.

          1. immersion blender
            8" chef's knife
            12" cast iron skillet
            8-qt. dutch oven
            microplane rasp grater