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Feb 4, 2009 05:53 AM

Any reviews on the Rye Bar & Grill?

I see that the Rye Bar & Grill is open again. The new digs look spectacular, but as yet I have been unable to get in. Last Friday evening they informed me that without a reservation it would be at least a three hour wait.

I called for a reservation for Superbowl Sunday and they informed me that they would not be open. They hung up before I could ask if it was just this Sunday, or if they will be closed every Sunday. That would stink, as it was always a great place to fall in for an early Sunday dinner.

I wish them well, but I hope the crowds die down enough that it can once again be a neighborhood place where you can just pop in without making a reservation.

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  1. We did pop in without a reservation. I couldn't get a reso so we stopped by anyway and got lucky. The place is big. My biggest complaint though is the noise! Wow was it noisy. The food was very much what I remember. The salad, fresh and delicious with the same vinigrette they used to make. We had an appetizer of ribs, good but not great, a burger, just like I remember it nice with FF's and delicious onion rings. My DH had pasta with ?? he said was good. All and all it was a good start for them. We had a nice table near the fireplace. Love that fireplace-- it was cozy and warm on a cold night. We will definitely be back.

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      Thanks for the info. I'm glad the menu hasn't changed much. The food was never great, but it was always fresh and the variety appealed to the whole family. The place does look huge from the outside. Even before the alteration the place could be very noisy - thats why it was always a good bet with the kids even when they were younger. I'm going to try to go again this weekend.

    2. Its really really big and for the near future, parking between RBG and the train station will be a disaster.

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        That I have seen for myself. My wife is a daily commuter, and the few times in the last couple of weeks I went to the station to pick her up it has been crazy. Thanks

      2. Be aware that they are not marketing themselves as sooooo child-friendly. In speaking with one of the owners, he told me that prior to the re-do, the realized that many diners were turned off by the notion of all the those kids "tearing around". I believe the upstairs dining room is a no-kids zone.
        The bar was packed well after midnight last Sat. night!

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          what is the age range at the bar?

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            I've already been there 2x with my kids since they re-opened. We sat in the room past the fireplace on the first floor. It seemed like this was the "family seating" area as many other families with younger children were sitting there. The service is better than ever and the food was good and fresh. The prices are right too, we plan on making it a once a week or once every other week family dinner date.

            1. re: momof3

              We too were ushered past the "Prefered Customers" to the back room. This is where anyone with kids seems to be seated. My kids are 15 & 9 years old, and have been going to restaurants their whole lives. Most times they are better behaved than me ;) I don't feel that just because we choose to take our children with us we should be exiled to kiddie land. None of the other restaurants we frequent do this, and I have never been turned off by the fact that children are present.

              1. re: HowieC

                I didn't feel insulted about sitting back there. Someone has to sit there. If I had a preference I would have asked the manager on duty to seat me elsewhere. we still got the same level of service then I did when I visited sans kiddies. I wouldn't take it as an insult to you or your children.

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                  Was it quieter back there? If so I would prefer it. While we enjoyed sitting near the fireplace it was extremely noisy. There is nothing to stop the noise from the bar and it carried through the entire main room of the dining room.

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                    It's definitely the quietest room in the place. Going back there tonight sans kids, will report back :)

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                      I used to pop into the old Rye Bar & Grill for a drink on the way home from work. It was a nice fixture in the town. After hearing all the buzz since they reopened, I stopped by for lunch with the family recently. Can't tell you how disappointed I was. Despite the number of families pouring in and out of the place, kid friendly it's not. The staff was either very young or lacking in communication skills. When we asked to wrap up the leftovers, the busboy said "okay" then proceeded to put empty bread dishes and used silverware on top of the dishes we wanted to take home. As far as the food - bland! The chowder was watery without any seasoning. Clams Oreganto were 80% buttered breadcrumbs. Lobster sliders were just okay. I wasn't expecting a five star meal but I've really had better food at a diner. I was really rooting for the place but next time I'll just go for a drink.

          2. I've been a couple of times. It is very noisy and almost has a cold feeling. About the food--horrible. It might be great for kids but, the quality of the beef in the burgers was poor, the pizza gross, the fish stinky and the salads forgot the lettuce. It wil end up being a huge bar!

            1. NY Times Westchester section:
              Reopened and Supersized
              CLOSED for nearly two years for a major overhaul, the popular Rye Grill and Bar — redecorated and supersized — has opened its doors again to its constituency. The original building, reminiscent of a summer-camp mess hall, has been replaced by a two-story, 14,000-square-foot, dandelion-green structure. Neo-Victorian details include a wide front porch with trim white railings and a cupola with a big,
              The restaurant, which has sweeping views of the train-station parking lot, Metro-North tracks and I-95, can seat 300, and on the two weekend nights I visited, things were at or near capacity. And here I defer to Dr. Seuss: “Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!”.............................