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Feb 4, 2009 05:46 AM

Knife sharpening service in Columbus, OH?

Would like recommendation preferably on East side or Short North, German Village area. Thanks!

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  1. No one sharpens knives in Columbus?

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    1. I'm not sure if they still offer it, but Kroger actually used to offer a knife sharpening service - it was handled through the butcher counter.

      1. Cardinal Knife Service - They pickup and deliver - 262 - 0162

        1. Diane - although it isn't nearby you, I have a suggestion to make your journey worthwhile. Drop your steel off at River's Edge Cutlery (; while your knives are being sharpened, head east about 5 minutes and knockout lunch at Starliner Diner ( It'll be a good day.

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          1. re: mmilovic

            I drove by that place yesterday and noticed that they did knife sharpening. Other dining options close by include which is in the same shopping center and a few minutes east on Fishinger (just across the river). Joey Chang's is very close, too. Oh, and Starliner is WEST of River's Edge Cutlery.

            1. re: kura kura

              Exactly! West - sorry all! We'll check out the Cook Shack - thanks for the tip.

          2. Check out Louise at Sharpening on Site. She will show up at your location and sharpen your knives on site. Here's a review from the blog "The Kitchn"


            Here's the web site.