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Feb 4, 2009 05:26 AM

Anywhere good to eat in Stockholm?

Anything!! But it has to be good

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  1. I have yet to find a bad meal in Stockholm. Lots of great Thai spots. This one's a tad schticky, but the food's great:

    There's a great Turkish place just down the street from there too. The city is dotted with great cafes and coffeehouses. Even the train stations have excellent coffee stands which are great for a light breakfast.

    Also liked the little sandwich shop, Muggen, on Götgatan. It's a hip little place with great choices. There were so many places I ate, I can't rmember them all. Splurged on brunch at Berns. Excellent Asian buffet.

    Also there are a couple of food halls that are great. The one at Ostermalm is classic old-world European. Beautiful building with an enormous selection of prepared foods, take-out/eat-in stalls and purveyors of just about any foodstuff you can imagine. Great cheese counter, butcher, chocolatier, etc. Just a few steps from the Ostermalm train station.

    Lots of kebab/korv (sausage) stands as well. Weird concoction of a hot-dog-like sausage in a wrap with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad among the many options.

    Don't know where you're visiting from, but I live in the U.S. and found Stockholm to be pretty pricey. Most of the places I visited were reasonable (Berns excepted - although you got a good value for the price) but the finer dining options can be very expensive.

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      thx ferret i'll be sure to check those places out

    2. I'll be in town for two days on a cruise - what are the Swedish food restaurants and specialities not to miss.

      Yup, this place looks like the Shanghai underground pedestrian tunnel- an antidote for Seasonal Affective Disorder??? Think I'll take a pass but good to know the food is good.

      1. in the Grand Hotel in the Matsalen (the Main dining room) or F12

        1. I have a battle going on the California board about making the best Swedish pancakes in our area and promised I would have the real thing in Sweden when we will be there for a few days in June.

          Number one, are there "swedish pancakes" in Sweden (you laugh, try finding "German" chocolate cake in Germany only to learn it is an American technique of processing chocolate discovered by "Joe" German in Pennsylvania) and if so, where in Stockholm has the best? Are they avaliable all day long, or just mornings? Are they dessert or breakfast?


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            Yes, Sweden does have Swedish pancakes with the obligatory lingonberries (I've also had similarly prepared potato pancakes there -- very good). Don't know of any places offhand. We'll be there in June as well.

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              If you find pancakes at a restaurant in Sweden chances are its a Thursday lunch and they aer served with pea soup. And if you find them Thursday or otherwise chances are 99.9% they are industrially made offsite and reheated at the restaurant. Pancakes are made at home not in restaurants. So if you want the real thing while in Sweden you need to go home to someone's house.

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                Seconded. I've only once had pancakes for breakfast in a Stockholm hotel (I believe it was the Rica Talk -- the breakfast buffet was great in other ways too), so don't expect it. Swedish restaurants are very sensitive to international trends as well - you may find creperies, but pancakes are definitely home cooking.

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                the origin of German Chocolate Cake is from a small local bakery in central Texas with a huge German immigrant population. The German Bakery was the name of the place. The frosting was made using Texas raw cane sugar which was pretty dark from not being bleached. Lots of local pecans were included and lots of shredded coconut which came into port on returning cattle boats from South America.

              3. Stockholm is not my home base, so you might want to double check.

                When I visited, I liked very much. It's Sushi / Fusion. Stylish design in Södermalm, a neighborhood with many small shops, bars and restaurants. The dishes are interesting - good maki and unusual combinations. Good selection of wine and sake, too!


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                  I have always enjoyed grabbing something from the food halls! Like, Cesanna´s Gourmetrullar - gourmet rolls - a thin bread rolled up and filled with slices of (roast?) beef,mashed potatoes, horseradish-apple salad and what not.

                  Re - pancakes - yes, make sure they are home made!

                  In Finland, we have a large "pancake" called pannukakku which we bake in the oven, and then small "pancakes" - lätyt, (plättar in Swedish), which are like crepes really, thin pancakes made on the stove. Both can be enjoyed with a variety of jams, with cream or ice cream, if preferred.

                  In my experience, the sausage stands are quite hygienic and safe, too.

                  The cafes offer lovely pastries, but I find the prices ridiculously high.

                  Maybe you´d like to try a Toast Skagen, an open shrimp sandwish, and of course, there are cold smoked salmon sandwiches everywhere.