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Feb 4, 2009 04:35 AM

How to save a recipe from too much salt...

I roasted some veggies last night (carrots, sweet potatoe, butternut squash) with some olive oil, pepper, and sea salt. I must not have been paying enough attention to what I was doing and I serioulsy oversalted.

I was hoping to make something with the leftover veggies (soup, ravoli stuffing, etc) but I think it might be ruined. Any ideas on how to save my veggies from over salting?

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  1. Rice devours salt, so maybe find some way of combining them with rice cooked without salt? Maybe a roasted veg. risotto with salt free stock? Or as a rice and veg. stuffing for vine leaves?

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      yes, combine oversalted veggies with either rice or potatoes cooked w/o salt

    2. Pureed soup with some caramelized onions and a milk base.

      1. Just make sure you don't add any additional salt - or, for that matter, salty ingredients like Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, salted stock - to the new dish. You could also, if you want, roast some extra vegetables without any seasoning whatsoever and mix the two batches together. I suspect that if you decide to make soup, and you use unsalted stock (or water or milk or whatever) and maybe a few other veggies, you'll be just fine.

        1. If you make soup, you should be fine. Just don't add any salt to the soup unless you think it needs it after you've cooked it for a few minutes.

          1. MAYBE you could use osmosis to remove some salt by letting the veggies sit in plain water, then draining them. You could try this with a small amount of veggies in a bowl with enough water to cover, tasting the water at intervals. If it works, the vegetables will probably be too wet for use in ravioli but would be okay in soup.