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Feb 3, 2009 10:27 PM

Last minute Valentine's day rec for low budget

I'm looking for somewhere to take my SO for valentine's day but I still haven't made any reservations. Ops. It doesn't have to be particularly romantic as long as the food's good. I'd also like to keep the cost around 100 if that's possible. (I know that's asking for a small miracle...) We like pretty much everything. Italian is out though since we're having it earlier in the week. Anything else tho would be fine. Any recommendations?

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  1. do you have any location or time restrictions? would you consider Brooklyn?

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      No time restrictions but I'd like to stay in Manhattan.

    2. You should probably make a reservation asap. Check out opentable.com and filter your search by the $ signs. What time are you looking to eat?


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      1. I think Mermaid inn ( east village location, never done the UWS one) might be a good choice. Not the most romantic place- but the food is always decent and its relaxed, very cute and extremely affordable. You also get little chocolate or butterscotch puddings @ the end. i would like to go on valentines day..

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          I think the Mermaid Inn is a good option too. I would also recommend La Sirene. It has BYOB and a prix fixe menu.

          La Sirene
          558 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

        2. my strong personal opinion about V Day dinner is that it's a meal that better enjoyed in one's home than in a restaurant because of the frequent combination of: a) often annoying prix-fixe menus, b) tacky desserts/specials, and c) general sense of lookee-loo'ing ("Hmm, the couple at the table next to us seems so happy while that couple in the corner looks stressed!")...

          So i think if one has any degree of cooking talent, it's an excellent day to make use of it...or you're not,a cook by nature, even a well-chosen array of fine cheeses, smoked salmon, chocolates, delicacies-of-your-choice, and a bottle of champagne would be fun...i think you'd get far better meal spending 60 dollars on that stuff at Citarella/Dean&D/etc and 40 dollars on a bottle of Taittinger than you will by spending 100 on whatever bistro prix-fixe you find in that range...

          but if you want a restaurant and given that you stated that the place doesn't have to be particularly romantic, i'd say you should just go to a place that serves the kind of cuisine that your SO particularly loves...for example, while it's a hardly a romantic restaurant, i personally would be delighted if i was eating at Grand Sichuan on V Day...and if you do choose a casual dinner, you could always follow it up with a great bottle of champagne at home...

          if you specify some of your SO's favorite cuisines/dishes and how casual/whimsical you are willing to go, i'm sure many folks will chime in with more suggestions...

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            Simon is likely right. But if necessary (which is entirely up to how you would like to celebrate with your SO) you might consider Cafe D'Alsace or Marseille. Both are tasty French places with pix-fixe menus that may keep you right at your budget. The food at the former is great and the atmosphere nice but not overly stuffy French Bistro. It seems like reservations are still available on open table...happy eating!

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              I live blocks from D'Alsace and I must say it can be very romantic and the food is GOOD. goat cheese tart, haricot verts, just lovely. And the men love the wide selection of beer.