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Favorite Fondue Dippers

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I'm looking for suggestions for favorite and/or unusual dippers for fondues (cheese and chocolate). TIA

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  1. angel food cake, pound cake is amazing for chocolate. I always found apples to be a strange cheese fondue dip.

    1. For cheese fondue: Brussels sprouts, tiny potatoes, parsnip chunks. These have all been pre-cooked, of course.

      1. For cheese I really like bread, maybe a pumpernickel, pretzel or beer bread would be good. I also think the apple suggestion sounds interesting. I like angel food cake and pineapple with chocolate fondue, and I know marshmallows are another popular choice.

        1. For cheese, my favorite dippers are good crusty breads and green apples. I served sausage once to try it out, though I don't know if I'd serve it again. For chocolate, my absolute favorite is pound cake. I could skip all the other usual options and be very happy.

          1. Chocolate:
            Nilla Wafers
            Large Stick Pretzels
            Crispy Cooked Bacon Strips
            Jelly candies

            Tortilla Chips
            Toast Points (Welsh Rarebit)
            Crispy Cooked Bacon Strips
            New or Fingerling Potatoes (cooked)
            Skewers of Beef, Ham, perhaps Chicken cubes
            Small cooked Onions - onna stick of course

            1. My favorite for cheese is asparagus. I like snickerdoodles in chocolate too.

              1. For cheese, I like lightly steamed broccoli, and crusty bread. I don't need much to be happy!

                And for chocolate, good marshmallows (fun to make if you're so inclined), dried apricots are also very good, and beautiful. Thick slices of bananas are good, which then makes me think of peanut butter too.... or how about graham crackers or almond biscotti, maybe?

                1. My favorite chocolate dippers are pineapple and - wait for it - rice crispy treats! Cut them smaller than usual and they are damned good!

                  1. We went to the Melting Pot for a friend's birthday. The dessert fondue was our favorite. They served: brownies, cheesecake, bananas, strawberries and pound cake for their chocolate fondue. Mmmm, the cheesecake and brownies dipped in chocolate!

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                      If you haven't yet, you really need to make it yourself. Once you do, you'll never go back to Melting Pot. Their fondue is so inferior to what you can make at home.

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                        Do you have any good recipes or tips for chocolate fondue? I work in a retirement community, and am doing a little program next week all about chocolate, and I want to make a chocolate fondue for them to enjoy. I've never actually made it before, so any tips would be welcomed.

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                          I don't know where I got the recipe, but I've use one can of sweetened condensed milk, and one bag of good (like giradelli, rather than nestle) semi sweet chocolate chips. I usually add a couple of tablespoons of frangelico to thin it out a bit, but milk would work, too.

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                            We sometimes use Toblerone for the chocolate base in the fondue, it's a real treat!

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                              I had marked this recipe on Epicurious with toblerone to try: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                              Don't know where I have this, I usually make this version. I use different liquors and chocolates, milk or white or dark. Use what you like.

                              14-15 oz chocolate
                              3/4 cup heavy whipping cream maybe a bit more
                              2 tablespoons liquor, amaretto, frangelica, mint, cherry kirsch, lots of choices
                              1/4 cup nuts are optional, I use them some times

                              Heat the cream up then add the chocolate. Mix well, remove from heat and add liquor and nuts if you want and transfer to the fondu pot if you didn't make it right in there.

                        2. I just read about chocolate dipped honey comb this morning and I'm def. going to try that next time we fondue. Also I have a recipe for wonton wrapped bananas you make in advance (fried in oil til crisp) and as fondue dippers they are delicious.

                          1. The best chocolate fondue dipper I've had (IMHO) was cubes of banana nut bread, dried enough to handle. Yummy!

                            1. For chocolate -- cubes of chocolate bread (available now at Wegman's).

                              1. Cheese: we always do a crusty sourdough bread, celery chunks, and apple chunks.

                                Dark chocolate: we do fresh rasperries, sliced bananas, and chunks of Sara Lee pound cake.

                                1. I like the pretzels...in the chocolate fondue.

                                  1. I had after-dinner mints in chocolate fondue once. AMAZING. Make sure they're the chewable ones :)

                                    1. Chocolate:
                                      sourdough bread
                                      pretzels (the large ones broken in pieces so that the porous inside is exposed and able to absorb some of the chocolate (white good too))
                                      candied orange peel
                                      graham crackers
                                      tortilla chips (salty and sweet) or potato chips
                                      french fries (salty and sweet again)
                                      slightly frozen cheesecake bites

                                      cherry tomatoes
                                      stuffed mushrooms or roasted whole seasoned button mushrooms
                                      figs stuffed with walnuts
                                      miniature meat filled ravioli
                                      asparagus (cooked)

                                      1. steamed brocoli for cheese fondue and fresh pineapple or marshmellows for chocolate. Yum :)

                                        1. If you can find some ripe cherries, they are great in a chocolate fondue

                                          1. My favorites for cheese fondu: Remember you can use a blue cheese, a mix of blue and gruyere which I love, a simple cheddar and a mix of cheddar and swiss. they all have different flavors. I like to make the cheese one with beer. I lightens the flavor.

                                            vegetables, artichoke hearts, brussel sprouts, chippolini onions, the standard, broccoli and cauliflower, Bread is also good, pretzels, bread sticks, small potatoes are awesome, shrimp fritters, skewers of beef, chicken, ham, pork, etc. baby grape tomatoes, lightly cooked, mushrooms, someone already wrote asparagus, one of my favorites, even small unique sausage, apple or sage sausage. I like roll up ham with with a roasted red pepper and asparagus and then dip. Mushrooms wrapped with bacon and cooked is amazing in the cheese dip too. Figs would be good in a blue cheese dip as well, slightly cooked apple slices with a maple glaze and then dipped in a blue cheese, gruyere and walnuts would be decadent. ENDLESS

                                            My favorites for chocolate fondu: I think mostly covered, pound and angle food cake, fruits, dried fruits too, small cheese cake ball or slices of cheese cake, even sugar or gingersnaps and some Italian cookies. Biscotti is good with both cheese and chocolate. I made small small ice cream balls, covered them in crumbs and deep fried and re froze, then quickly dipped in the fondu, they were good. All fruit, everything works. Pretzels, marshmellow. Any plain cookie or cake that could be dipped.

                                            I'm sure dupes, sorry, hopefully maybe something different.