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Feb 3, 2009 10:24 PM

Favorite Fondue Dippers

I'm looking for suggestions for favorite and/or unusual dippers for fondues (cheese and chocolate). TIA

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  1. angel food cake, pound cake is amazing for chocolate. I always found apples to be a strange cheese fondue dip.

    1. For cheese fondue: Brussels sprouts, tiny potatoes, parsnip chunks. These have all been pre-cooked, of course.

      1. For cheese I really like bread, maybe a pumpernickel, pretzel or beer bread would be good. I also think the apple suggestion sounds interesting. I like angel food cake and pineapple with chocolate fondue, and I know marshmallows are another popular choice.

        1. For cheese, my favorite dippers are good crusty breads and green apples. I served sausage once to try it out, though I don't know if I'd serve it again. For chocolate, my absolute favorite is pound cake. I could skip all the other usual options and be very happy.

          1. Chocolate:
            Nilla Wafers
            Large Stick Pretzels
            Crispy Cooked Bacon Strips
            Jelly candies

            Tortilla Chips
            Toast Points (Welsh Rarebit)
            Crispy Cooked Bacon Strips
            New or Fingerling Potatoes (cooked)
            Skewers of Beef, Ham, perhaps Chicken cubes
            Small cooked Onions - onna stick of course