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Fulton market burger co

Was hoping to read a review here, anyone?
Tell me its better than Hero!

Also got an Original Motorcycle Burger opening up soon downtown, burgers everywhere!

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  1. This place just opened up by Bathurst/ Centre st in thornhill. Grand opening was just this past weekend. I have been looking forward to a review myself.

    1. It's better than Hero. Everything is better than Hero.


      1. i saw walked by this place about a month ago wondering how it would be ....but i had to wonder if the store name had any ties to the old/new "fulton fish market" in nyc ... i've never been (the new one is ridiculously hard to get to since it's not in manhattan), but i find it hard to believe they sold burgers there....

        i was also taking a look at the butcher shop a few stores down (they had limited selection), but appear to be readying for a full assortment of locally grown meat ....

        1. Here's their website: http://www.fultonburgers.com/

          It really doesn't show me anything to get excited about. Can you say, "Seen this act before??"


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          1. re: Davwud

            I see what you mean. They better have superb product to make them stand out in this market saturated with "gourmet" burgers.

            1. re: Pincus

              Seems like just another chain offering a so called "Better mousetrap."


          2. I tried it a week or two ago actually, I was going to Tov Li for a falafel but they were closed, and saw this place nearby

            I got their "signature burger" which is smoked cheddar (quite good actually), bacon (nothing special), their special sauce (like a barbeque-mayo if i recall) and dill pickles. Nothing really wrong with it I guess but it was grey throughout and it's most likely a frozen patty.

            Fries were frozen but ok but the onion rings were TERRIBLE... Definitely frozen mccain variety

            it was better than Hero if thats what anyone wants to know

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            1. re: duckdown

              I suspected that would be the review.


              1. re: Davwud

                Heck, I share your frustration Davwud. I reckon anyone with a bit of integrity could set up a good burger place (it ain't rocket science), serve decent meat and clean up!

                p.s. good Lord! I looked at the website, even the stage managed burger looks awful! What bank finances these clowns?

                1. re: Squeakycheese

                  I seriously don't get all this bash Hero sentiment! I like Hero Burgers, their burgers are better than most and I really enjoy their fries. I recently visited Fulton Market and was very disappointed especially with their fries, they tasted like Burger King's!! The burger imho not even close to being as tasty as Hero Certified!

                  1. re: callitasicit

                    You can like it all you want. It's up to you what you like and what you don't like, not me. I went there, tried it and felt like I was on "Punked" or "Candid Camera" it was so bad. And at the prices they charge......



                    1. re: Davwud

                      What didn't you like about it? Honestly, which place has better burgers in your opinion?

                      1. re: callitasicit

                        Read what I wrote. It was all terrible. Just over priced garbage. I find it astonishing that they're still opening places. I thought it was just about the worst food I've eaten.

                        S. Street is better. I'll still take Lick's even though they're a shaddow of their former self.
                        There's a number of different one off places that are better. Much better.


                    2. re: callitasicit

                      I agree with you calli, I don't understand all the hatred towards hero burger.. you'd think the owners spit in the food the way it gets treated on here. Is it the greatest burger in the world? of course not, but it's no where near as bad as it gets made out to be on here.

                      1. re: Franchise

                        I understand that everyone has the right to like what they want, but read the thread on Hero Burgers. There are really valid complaints about the place. I have had my fair share of burgers and very very rarely do I find a burger that i do not want to finish. Even more rarely do I find fries that I don't want to finish. And this happened at Hero...I didn't want to finish either.
                        Chances are that you had a much better experience than most or you found a location that is better than the one I tried. For now though, I feel no need to go back. I actually prefer Burger King to Hero.

                        1. re: Franchise

                          No, it's worse. The word to describe how bad this place is hasn't been invented yet.


                2. This is an expansion of the Applejack's franchise system. Same burgers but with different toppings. If you check both websites you can see pretty much the same pictures of the food. To me the photos do nothing to make the menu look appetizing. The burgers average $10 at Applejack's, the Fulton website doesn't seem to post prices. These are not cheap snacks! The photos of the Fulton restaurants are also unattractive, cold, barren looking places. The burgers are received frozen, defrosted and then cooked. I don't sense any love of food, just a business opportunity. It's a child of the 'hospitality industry' and 'concepts'.

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                  1. re: torontovore

                    OMG, Applejack's was the single worst meal I've ever eaten. If Fulton's is at all related, everyone pretty much needs to run the other direction.

                      1. re: Davwud

                        Oh my.

                        "To compliment the food offering, we have created certain Market Topping conglomerations that allow you to try a new version every time you return."

                        I'd like some Market Topping conglomeration on my burger, please. With extra marketingese.

                        1. re: Davwud

                          Wow. "After receiving raving reviews about the Applejack’s concept, the owners have searched for an innovating Burger concept that offers an exquisite product for a great value"

                          Someone fresh out of marketing school was playing with the "wheel o' adjectives".

                          But seriously, I'd like to know where the "raving" reviewing came from. Mind you, I did leave Applejacks raving about the horrendous food.

                    1. It's just an other over-priced burger place. Yes, they have an 8 oz burger, but it tastes like a president's choice frozen patty . A buck for cheese and a buck for bacon. At least at south street you get a decent mount of cheese for the dollar.

                      I also find the idea of filling out your order on a paper bag to be stupid. Four people walk in to eat in and each order is put on a separate bad that's not needed nor used again?!?!?

                      There was a time when Blueberry Hill made good burgers that I was willing to pay for, but the only one I know of is at York. Hero? Overpriced and not worth it. South St? Not as bad - at least the patty tastes like real meat and seems to me to be a better value. Lick's - never really liked it well enough to put up with the bad singing.

                      I guess I'll stick to making them at home.

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                      1. re: OTFOODIE

                        Well I think South St. is almost as bad as it gets, I have a real gripe with this place so I rank them lower. I find their burgers quite thin, then add $1 for 2 tiny pieces of bacon and $1 for a slice of cheese.... I don't know how you would think its a decent amount of cheese - it's just a single slice at South St...

                        and The best part of the Fulton burger was their smoked cheddar, IMO.. It actually had a smoke ring which surprised me by appearance but actually tasted like something too

                        I'd put Fulton on par with Hero probably.. Both are clearly frozen patties sadly

                        1. re: duckdown

                          You're right about the South St cheese now. I was wrong. There's a place I've been where they have the cheese shredded and they grab a handful and pile it on, but I cannot remember where it is now.

                          1. re: OTFOODIE

                            Licks does that, but there are probably others as well

                            Everyone has their own opinion :)


                          2. re: duckdown

                            i like South Street! They have goat cheese and they pile that on as its not sliced. As for Fulton Market...its not bad! i'd say its way better than Hero burger and almost as good as South St. I like the onion rings at Fulton Market more but South St has new york fries (but crappy onion rings.)

                            I also think the whole writing on paper bag thing at Fulton market is so pointless...especially when you dine in! they just put your food on their round tray anyway and then the bag just sits there unopened. what a waste!

                          3. re: OTFOODIE

                            Saves me a trip.

                            Thanks for leaning into the strike zone and taking one for the team.


                          4. all i want to know is WHY WHY WHY don't any of these places have lettuce? i don't give a crap if they don't think lettuce goes on a burger. i want some lettuce and am over this little lettuce-hating burger trend.

                            for real.

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                            1. re: perogy

                              I like lettuce on my burger as long as its fresh and not wilted, I'm on board with that..

                              lettuce, pickles, bbq sauce, mayo, cheese, bacon... yum

                              1. re: perogy

                                I don't like it but will defend your right to have it.


                                1. re: perogy

                                  You have to have the lettuce for the crunch and the tomato slide.

                                  1. re: perogy

                                    The question is: if they don't have lettuce, do they have ketchup?

                                    1. re: perogy

                                      Fulton has lettuce. They missed it off the order bag. Just ask for it.

                                    2. Apparently Original Motorcycle Burger is now open, south of Yonge/Richmond.
                                      Who will post the first review?