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Feb 3, 2009 08:49 PM

Question about buying oysters at Pike Mrkt

I have been trying to research a great place to have some oysters while in Seattle. I LOVE oysters.

I started thinking that maybe it would be best to just buy them at the market and shuck them myself (although I have never done this it looks easy enough) I can buy a shucking knife on Ebay ...

Anyway, how much do oysters usually cost? I have never bought them other than in a restaurant.

I think while I am at it I'll buy a crab too.


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  1. Here's a tip for you. Wherever you can buy fresh oysters you can probably get a shucking knife and not have to get it on eBay.

    1. prices of oysters vary widely based on species and season. as far as the crabs go, I wish I had your restraint........they are like Lay's potato chips to me, I cant eat just one!!

      1. If you are downtown anyway, I'd recommend heading down to Uwajimaya in the International District (you should go to the ID anyway for various tasty Asian cuisines). Uwajimaya is a great mostly-Japanese but all things Asian supermarket, great place to browse for a while and spend more money on new and interesting things than you intended. Anyway, they usually have around 6 varieties of oysters, between 50 cents and a dollar each, depending on where they are from.

        1. If you've never shucked an oyster before, a few words of warning: 1) it is not as easy as it looks. Well, you can get them open fine, but it will take a few tries before you are getting all the liquor to stay in and not getting any shell pieces. 2) I don't know if you are going to be at a hotel or where, but you will want either an oven mitt or a ruinable towel to protect your hand and hold the oyster.

          A shucking knife should set you back about $10 and you will be able to get one just about anywhere they are selling oyster.

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            I agree, shucking is not easy--it takes practice. I can do it after a struggle but I end up with pieces of shell in my oysters.
            It will be wayyyy easier and cheaper to go to Elliot's at 3 pm (weekdays) and have their oyster happy hour. 50 cents at 3, 20 cents more each half hour. Or, the Brooklyn happy hour.
            If you're determined to buy them yourself, you can get them right from the grower (Taylor Shellfish) at many of our farmer's markets.

            1. re: christy319

              Thanks all!

              I decided just to have someone else do the work! ;-)

              Doing it myself ... well, it was just a thought. I guess that's why we have this forum!!

              1. re: boisenewbie

                No time like the present, though, to get yourself an oyster knife and a few oysters for practice, for after you take the edge of at Elliot's 3:00 happy-hour deal: 50-cents per from 3:00 to 3:30, then rises 20 cents every half hour from there, so start at 3:00 with at least a dozen.

                1. re: mrnelso

                  I'm already back from my trip ... I had 3 doz!

                  I LOVE oysters ... but I was really queasy after (and for a few days) ... and for all you saying for me to go to a restaurant because if I do it myself I might get shells - there were shells. (Of course they were shucking like freakin robots! Non stop!!)

                  I think I filled my oyster need for a long time!! ;-)