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Feb 3, 2009 08:21 PM

where to get a Prairie Oyster drink?

Does anyone know of a bar --- anywhere in the US --- that still serves Prairie Oysters? The drink with egg yolk, Tabasco and so on... Not sure if it's the salmonella worries, but these seem to have vanished to the point that bartenders haven't heard of them. Any leads?

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  1. Just make one at home - much cheaper and it'll be just how you want it :)

    1oz lemon vodka
    1/2 oz tomato juice
    A little salt and pepper
    Worcestershire sauce
    Egg 1 yolk

    Down in one, though it's more of a hangover thing than a drink I'd consider at any sensible hour of the day - haha.

    1. I would imagine that, due to liability from serving raw egg, you won't find anywhere that will serve one. That being said, I will echo Steve_K's advice, and suggest you make your own. They're very easy to make.

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        Thanks so much for your input! Yeah, it seems like something to do at home --- even Hunter S. Thompson's old bar won't do it. Freeman's in NYC used to serve one, but no longer. If anyone else knows a source (maybe a brunch spot?), give a shout!

        1. re: barndog

          What liability? Eggs are used in fine cocktails all over the country and world. Although I wouldn't call this a fine cocktail.