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Tomyam Rice Snacks at Trader Joe's --amazing flavor

Sorry if it's bad form to start a thread for a single Trader Joe's item, but this one rates it. Tomyam Rice Snacks, in there with the chips, etc (IIRC), are the tastiest thing I've found at TJ in a long time. For lack of a better description, it's sort of a mini (2") puffed rice Thai pizza -- at least that's how it looks. It has a puffed rice cupped disc as a base, with a mildly sweet glaze that holds on the other ingredients. Here's the complete ingredient list:

Thai hom mali rice, cashews, lemon grass, kaffir lime, lime juice, sugar, thai spice, chili, salt.

These things come individually wrapped, ten "pizzas" to a plastic/foil pouch for $1.69, and are very addictive. As always, YMMV.

Get 'em before they change their minds.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I've been incredibly curious about these ever since they appeared on the shelves.

    1. wow! these sound delicious. I hope my local tjs has these!

      1. Just tried these today and the flavor is incredible! The lemongrass is quite strong, and you usually don't eat the lemongrass because it is so tough, but here it works--addictive

        1. These are kind of insanely good. I'm glad they're individually wrapped, because then whole bags would mysteriously disappear from my pantry in short order.

          Also amazing, with the same flavor profile: tom yum cashews, in a small black bag with the nuts. Not the same at all as the beloved kaffir lime/chili cashews or peanuts, but basically the flavor of the Rice Snack toppings.

          1. dangit! Minnesota TJs don't have these! I hope they get them soon. In the meantime I did buy some of those yummy cashews. they are gooooood.

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              I had both, and frankly liked the cashews much better. The flavor intensity is just out of this world.

              I don't think the rice cracker adds anything other than crunch.

            2. Well, now I have another thing to add to the ever growing TJ list. I just tried these and they are FANTASTIC!

              1. Man, I didn't like these at all. I bought two packages, too, given all the raves. Tasted a bit soapy or something.

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                1. I tried these today and didn't like them. I guess it's the lemongrass flavor? They tasted like lemon Pledge to me. And I love cilantro, too.

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                    I think you're right. I'm probably associating the strong lemongrass flavor with soap.

                  2. I liked the Tomyam snacks okay, I suppose, but I've succumbed more to the Sweet Sesame Rice Snacks. I don't know if these are new, but they are also from Thailand. Ingredients: Rice, melon juice, sugar cane, palm oil, sesame seeds, salt. It's a rice cake, it seems, but it's unlike any other so-called "rice cake" that I've ever eaten, much better flavor and texture. My girlfriend likes the Japanese Sticky Rice snacks, but I didn't like those at all.

                    1. OMG, I saw these yesterday for the first time and they rock. SO much flavor. I probably could have eaten like 5 or 6, but truly, one was enough for a snack because of how freakin' flavorful they are.

                      1. I loved these Tomyam Rice Snacks too but haven't seen them lately. Are they gone?

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                          Uh, oh. I haven't seen them either...looks like another discontinued TJ product.

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                            Gone permanently, according to TJ manager. Typical.

                          2. You're so right. The rice snacks are the best and have worked well as a "tide me over" for my low blood sugar (peanuts) and need for gluten-free. Unfortunately, my favorite Trader Joe's in Florham Park no longer carries this item. Do you know where I can find them?