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Feb 3, 2009 06:02 PM

Wine Stores

What are some of your favorite wine stores in the area. I have been to the following:

Andy Bassin MacArthur Beverage
Calvert Woodley

What am I missing as far as affordable, good bargains for wine?

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  1. Schneider's 3 and Mass NE

      1. Bell's on M Street (Between 18th and 19th)

        1. Not a wine store per se, but I get most of my wine from Trader Joe's ...

          1. Total Wine and Cecilia's in Mclean and Trader Joe's

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            1. re: beanodc

              Calvert-Woodley is my go-to liquor store. Staff (especially Pepe) is great at wine-food pairings. I also pick up wine at Trader Joe's on occasion, and have found some good deals at World Market in Friendship Heights.

              1. re: Gigi007

                I live in the wilds of College Park, so my options are rather limited. Corridor Wine & Spirits in Laurel is good. More locally, we have the Village Pump. They have a better selection of wine and microbrews than your average PG county booze shop.