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Feb 3, 2009 05:53 PM

Best Duck in Boston....I Know it's been asked before

All -
We are having a major hankering for some good Chinese Duck to buy in Chinatown, most likely to take home to Concord on the train (aka red line). The aroma may distract other riders, but...

The weather outside is frightening, but we're looking for the best spot for takeout Beijing, or Peking, Duck.
Crispy skin would be a great plus.
As an aside, Pork (crispy, of course) would be a welcome addition as well.
First thought would be Hong Kong Eatery, but not sure if Duck is their strong point?

Anyone had any success on this front?
Recipes perhaps, or should we just chow?

Best to All!


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  1. Takeout peking duck? The point of peking duck is the crispy skin. Takeout crispy anything is usually an oxymoron :-P

    King Fung would be the most likely candidate if you have to try this...

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    1. re: Spike

      I have taken out duck from King Fung in the past, and successfully crisped up the skin in the oven at home (not too hot, or fat melts away to nothing).

      Caveat: have not had the peking duck at KFG since the ownership change so cannot attest to quality.

      People have talked admiringly of the duck at Chef Chang's too. But Brookline is a mega-schlepp from Concord on the train.

      1. re: yumyum

        Went to KF garden a few months ago, and was truly disappointed. It almost was not Peking Duck, but just a roasted duck that I could have bought hanging from a window and cut it up nicely.

        1. re: chefboyardee

          I've been to King Fung Garden II in Brookline for duck several times. Doris and Irwin (the prior owners of Boston KKFG) are there and IMHO the food is just as it was in the Chinatown location, before they sold it.

          Probably not a good candidate for the OP needs though.

          1. re: FoodTruth

            Rats. I had hoped the new proprietors of the KFG in Chinatown would have carried on the tradition of excellent Peking duck. Sounds like a trip to Brookline will be in order the next time a hankering comes up.

    2. Inquiring mind wants to know, why wouldn't you just pick-up a full or half order at Chang An in Concord instead of schlepping all the way into Chinatown and back? This place gets far more positive than negative reviews on these boards. The negatives are usually along the lines of it's "too" Chinese-American. There is a certain degree of truth in that but they also do an excellent Peking duck! Perfectly moist, yet with a beautifully crispy skin. I'm not saying it surpasses or is the equal of King Fung's, which I've had the pleasure of several times, but it does approach it.


      Chang An Restaurant
      10 Concord Crossing, Concord, MA 07742