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Feb 3, 2009 05:32 PM

Freezing gravy question

I want to freeze some pot roast for later. Would it be better to freeze it with the gravy or freeze the gravy and meat separately?

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  1. Best to freeze them separately!

    1. Unlike Mike, I'd suggest freezing them together. Convenience is the key to reusing leftovers as they aren't exactly served for gourmet meals. ;-) I'd like to just drop the whole block in a pot, cap it with a lid and set it on low to defrost/warm. Separating the containers means you'll have 2 things to store, not one, and 2 things to reheat, not one.

      1. So my answer is "depends on how you plan to reuse it". If you have absolutely no intention of using the gravy with anything except the meat, then freeze them together. But if there's a chance you'd use the meat for one thing and the gravy for something else, then do it separately. :) Though that's a fairly easy thing for me to say because I have about 30 cu ft of freezer space. :)

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          I think Morganna's right - if you plan to serve them together later then just freeze them together.

          1. re: lupaglupa

            It's really more of an issue of convenience vs quality. I forget which cooking talking head I heard this from but after I tried it I was convinced - the texture of braised meats is much better frozen "dry." Freeze 'em in the liquid and the meat will tend to shred apart when you defrost them. Oh, and the same person, maybe Paula Wolfert? recommended very slow reheating too and trying it convinced me about that as well. Don't worry that the meat will look petrified when it defrosts, it goes back to normal, sans shreds, when you reheat it. Can barely tell the difference from the original IMX...

            1. re: MikeG

              Well you didn't say anything about what sort of end result you were hoping for after you defrosted it again. So I went with the criteria that would most likely matter to me in this situation. :)

              1. re: Morganna

                Well, the OP did ask which way would be "better" so...

                1. re: MikeG

                  Yeah, but the thing is, the meat breaking down further is the goal... :) For me it often is, I then use the leftovers in another way where I'd prefer it to be like that. :) If I care about that, then the answer is more obvious. :) I was just shooting in the dark, in the absence of any specific criteria. :)

        2. Bearzie,
          Separate them. If you put them together, the gravy on the outside of the block of meat will defrost, begin to boil, and lose moisture, while the pot roast will remain one big frozen block. Also, if you add water to speed the defrosting process, the water will thin out the gravy excessively. I hope this helps. By the way, I agree with the "reheat the (separate) meat and gravy very low and slow" suggestions above. The quality will be much bettter.

          1. I froze my pot roast with gravy and it was fine. The potatoes I froze with them on the other hand....