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Feb 3, 2009 05:16 PM

Zuni chicken -- bread salad question

Has anyone happened to use stale Portuguese corn bread for the Zuni bread salad? I have most of a loaf that I'd like to use up, but I'm concerned the dense texture of the bread won't lend itself well to the salad. I'll probably end up trying it, unless anyone has any insight and thinks it will be a disaster!

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  1. I've used various stale breads here. If the bread salad seems dry after a few minutes, add some more pan drippings or chicken broth. It's hard to mess this recipe up.

    1. if your bread is denser, I would make smaller pieces.

      1. I personally wouldn't use it, although it might be a surpriser..I've found that regular Italian or French bread (nothing sour) that doesn't have anything extra added to it works best. I made it on Saturday and used a 2 day old Pugliese from Trader Joe.

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          I use ciabatta from a local bakery and it's superb. I think the nooks and crannies and general texture of the bread make it perfect. I'm not sure something w/ a fine texture would work as well. but in the end, I'd try whatever I had sitting won't be bad, just maybe not AS good. (i love LOVE the bread salad)