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Feb 3, 2009 03:45 PM

DineLA at Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Meh. [Review w/ pics]

$34 for a 3-course meal that includes filet mignon. Sounds pretty good, right? That's what I thought and so I went to try Wolfgang's Steakhouse for the DineLA week - it was the cheapest of the steakhouses (no, Ruth's Chris is not even in the running) and seems to have pretty good reviews.

(All photos on my blog, as usual:


I started with the lobster bisque.
The bisque was a tad too salty - maybe they had been heating the whole pot up all day/night long? I did find two bite-size pieces of lobster in it (ooh yay).

All three of us ended up getting the filet mignon (sounds like the most worthwhile!)
As always, I ask for my steak medium-rare. Here, the middle part was indeed medium-rare, but the outer sides were rather overcooked so I didn't start enjoying it until I get to the middle part. This steak was not as flavorful as we've had elsewhere. Good, not great.

The portion for the sides are generous. Among the three of us we got all of the available offerings: creamed spinach, german potatoes, and mashed potatoes.
Oh, and not only were the portions generous, they messed up and brought us extra servings of creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. But no, we didn't eat them (we didn't even finish the first serving). Spinach anyone?

For dessert, I tried the Apple Strudel
I thought this was okay - the pastry was rather soggy and it was served room temperature. They should've kept it crispier and warmer and this would've been much better.

Overall we were underwhelmed. The food was good enough as to not ruin the great company and we finished dinner just fine - but it definitely could've been better.
I guess we have to fork over more $$$ for better next time?

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  1. Wolfgang's best cut BY FAR is their monster porterhouse.

    I avoid stuff like DineLA generally because in my opinion, the participating restaurants don't "bring their A-game" for these lower budget, mass-produced pre-fixes. They want new customers (who, without said promotion, would otherwise never consider going inside) to "ooh and "aah" at the environs, hoping that some non-Hounds will be impressed enough to come back as repeat customers once the promotion period lapses, based on the strength of the decor alone.

    So I suggest trying Wolfgang again, but get their porthouse for 2. Or 3. Or 4. It's good.

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    1. re: J.L.

      JL: you're the second person who mentioned that to me about their porterhouse, so I guess I will give it another try on a regular night!

      About the DineLA though, if they can't do it well, then how can they except us to "ooh" and "aah" at the food and come back? I always thought Grace always does a good job at these restaurant week dinners, and I heard so did Drago Centro and BLT. Instead of taunting things like lobster bisque and filet mignon that would end up being mediocre - do something simple but do it well?


    2. My take on the same restaurant almost mirrored Burumun's review. Here's the low down:

      For $34 on the three course meal, I have ordered the Wolfgang's salad, Medium Rare Filet Mignon with a side of German Potatoes, and cheesecake for dessert.

      We had a swell time because of the company we were with. The place was very classy and we lucked out by getting a prime table at a private glass enclave room behind the front dining room. The service was excellent throughout the night and they did have a full bar for service.

      As in for the food, I did enjoyed the Wolfgang's salad, the medium rare steak was cooked correctly on the inside (with a little burnt on the outside), and the cheesecake was a meh.

      For $34 on this three course meal, it was worth checking out as the regular price for the filet mignon itself was $40. So you do have some benefits, but we don't know if the portion got smaller. Everything else from service to decor did live up to it. I think it was only the food that was just ok.

      Definitely go on a DineLA week special because I am torn if I ever will spent it on any other time.

      My full take and photo is here:

      Wolfgang's Steakhouse
      445 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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      1. re: Pepsi Monster

        I don't know of any steak house where the Filet Mignon is anywhere near the cut of choice. Seems to be there mostly for non-steak lovers. It's not the true test of a steak place--you need to revel in the fat and dig around a bone for the best flavor.

        1. re: The Old Man

          Oh yes. That was the bummer part of it. The Filet Mignon was the only thing that offered on the main course that was worth taking. Our group wanted to go back and try their other steaks. For DineLA restaurant week experience, it was worth trying out to see what the place was like.

          1. re: Pepsi Monster

            Ah, that explains it. I thought it was odd that two posters where both reviewing Filet Mignons.

        2. re: Pepsi Monster

          My DineLA experience at Wolfgang's was more similar to yours, pepsi monster. I enjoyed the salad, and my steak was cooked correctly. The pastry on the apple strudel was the correct consistency, although I agree that it would have been better if served hot. I thought the meal was solid, and an excellent value. See my review here:

          1. re: Nicole

            Hey Nicole, glad you liked your experience here. Yeah, just like your report about this place, I also thought it was worth it to try out Wolfgang's Steakhouse for DineLA. Too bad about the limited choices, but it wasn't all for naught. Great recap of your experience!

            1. re: Pepsi Monster

              Thanks. I enjoyed reading your detailed review!

        3. we went for the $34 deal last night. all in all i was impressed and will definitely go back.

          I started with the lobster bisque. it was ok, pretty mild, not too salty as mentioned and my husband had the caesar.

          both our filets were cooked perfectly and came with bernaise (they also had their own
          steak sauce which was a little tangy & sweet)
          creamd spinach & german potatoe sides were ample. spinach was nice but the potatoes could have used some more seasoning or bacon would have done the trick.

          dessert was disappointing. i was psyched to get a piece of cheesecake from my favorite joint, junior's in brooklyn (which they say is flown in every day) but it was a sliver so i couldn't really enjoy it and they quadrupled the dollop of their "whipped cream" to make the plate look inviting. the cream was dense and not at all sweet. my husband had the hot fudge sundae. not too many ways to screw that up.

          the room is warm and definitely had a new york feel about it. pretty noisy and packed in but their wine room (which is where i'll sit next time) was very lovely.

          1. I went for the lunch version of the DineLA menu and was generally pleased. I started off with a good broiled crab cake (mostly meat with very little filler), then had the sirloin burger which was quite good (not as good as Morton's though) and served with both steak fries and thin onion rings. Dessert was a nice (albeit small) slice of good cheesecake. At $22, it was well-priced, particularly considering that the burger alone is normally $16.