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Feb 3, 2009 03:44 PM

Dinner tonight - Long Beach/OC area

Looking for a good dinner tonight, preferably inexpensive, not asian, french or indian - anything else ok... Live in Long Beach but will travel within 20 miles?!?! Any suggestions????

Thank you!!!

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  1. So many choices and many within the city limits. If you do a search, you will find much, but just to help start you out...
    Italian: Finbars, Cafe Gazelle, Ferraro's, and Il Parrolaccio
    BBQ: Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach on Main
    Greek: George's (2 locations) also Cafe Ambrosia
    Middle Eastern and similar: Open Sesame, Magic Lamp and Sunin

    If you give a little more detail on what you would like, that would be most helpful.