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Feb 3, 2009 03:26 PM

san fernando valley foodie spots

Used to live in the valley many many years ago and going back for a visit. Any suggestions of something unique or different. Always up for a good hole in the wall. All I remember was a couple of taco stands . Somewhere around Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks,No Ho area.Willing to travel for something good though.

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  1. One of my new favorite "hole in the walls" is Brats Brothers. They serve tasty sausages made from chicken, lamb, pork, and veal - as well as alligator, boar, buffalo, duck, ostrich, and venison. They also serve hot dogs. Sandwiches range from $3.50 to $7.50. I like their sides too - potato salad, roasted potatoes, red cabbage salad, and sauerkraut. I think there's 5 or 6 tables inside and a few outside.

    13456 Ventura Blvd.
    Sherman Oaks

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    1. re: omakase

      Better get there before they close up shop - they just closed their Beverly Center area store, meaning SW corner of 3rd & La Cienega.
      But the best food in the valley, meaning higher ticket itemed, is Max in Sherman Oaks, next door to Maria's, just east of the corner of Ventura & Dixie Canyon.

    2. For Vietnamese vegetarian / vegan food which is wonderful and Top Thai (also in Reseda) for their Northern Thai specialties found at the back of their menu.

      Take a look at this old reveiw of Top Thai in the LA Times. This is why I went in the first place and the food they describe is still the same as it was back then:

      Top Thai Cuisine
      7333 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

      1. I was introduced to the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City on this board...really great sandwiches with really great ingredients. Down the street is the Big Sugar Bakeshop, so do stop by for dessert.

        Big Sugar Bake Shop
        12182 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604

        Artisan Cheese Gallery
        12023 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA

        1. I rove around a bit.

          Melody's Mexican/Las Fuentes
          Boneyard Bistro
          Hummus Bar and Grill
          Don Huarache
          Simon's Cafe
          House of Taka
          Woodland's Pure
          Copper Chimney
          Bollywood Care
          Cedar House
          Amir's Falafel
          Pico Pica
          Daichan Japanese
          Art's Deli
          Brent's Deli
          Red Ballz pizza
          Tortas Mexico
          Porto's bakery
          Jon's supermarket Deli
          HEnry's Tacos
          Aroma Bakery
          Aroma Bakery Cafe
          Menchi's yogurt
          El Katracho
          Star Falafel
          Cambridge market's deli
          Beep's Greasy spoon

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          1. re: Brussels Sprout

            Ha Sprout, where are the falafel places? and is Henry's taco still on Moorpark?And thanks for the list, I will make good of it.Top Thai is a stop and I will try to get to Brats before it closes. Any more suggestions out there?

            1. re: traumachef

              Amir's is on Ventura in Studio City.
              Star is on Burbank in Van Nuys near Woodman, I think.
              Skaf's is on Vanowen in Van Nuys or Noho, I think.

              Henry's is still on Moorpark, as ever.

              You gotta try El Katracho on Burbank, east of Kester. Amazing blue crab or conch soup. Fabulous plantains.

              Pico Pica is on Riverside.

              1. re: Brussels Sprout

                Wallet friendly banh mi at LA Baguette and Sandwich Express. Both near the corner of Reseda and Sherman Way.
                If you want to break out the gold card I second Boneyard Bistro.

                1. re: tofuburrito

                  Links Added

                  Max Restaurant
                  13355 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

                  Skaf's Grill
                  6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

                  Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
                  4849 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607

                  Kansas City BBQ
                  10863 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

                  Go's Mart
                  22330 Sherman Way # C12, Canoga Park, CA

                  1. re: ldodb

                    Might as well add the link for Vinh Loi too (I did remember to add Top Thai when I posted) even though I put a hyperlink in the post for their website.

                    Vinh Loi Tofu
                    18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, CA 91335

                2. re: Brussels Sprout

                  Brussel made a great list.
                  Id second most of it especially
                  Skaf's -But its on Laurel Canyon and Oxnard.
                  Max - great food, nice restaurant.
                  Menchie's - Self serve frozen yogurt for dessert.

                  And have to add
                  Go's Mart - Amazing sushi if youre willing to go to west valley
                  Kansas City BBQ Company - Best KC BBQ around
                  Kiwami - Katsuyas new sushi place, have not been but heard its great

            2. Don't forget Sushi Don in a strip mall on Laurel Cyn N of Riverside. If you can imagine a hole in the wall fast food sushi joint of the HIGHEST quality.

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              1. re: Fru

                thanks for all of the great suggestions, I can't wait to start scarfing some good food.