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Feb 3, 2009 02:52 PM

Where 2 buy: COCONUT oil

Hi all,
I'm making my own granola and the recipe calls for coconut oil. Any idea where in the d/town Vancouver core I can get this? Or what I should look for?

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  1. You can get Asian and Indian coconut oil at T&T (at the Stadium Skytrain)...I think I have seen some higher-end stuff at Capers.

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    1. re: fmed

      Yeah, no such luck @ T&T today but Sunrise had some. However, at 8.79 I decided to wait it out, now I'm on a mission to find coconut oil. Perhaps 8.79 is a fair price? I don't know, does anyone care to weigh in?

      Also, I'm not exactly sure what it is I'm buying, i was expecting a liquid consistency but the stuff today was in a 'tub', like butter. So since I've not bought it before, thought that i'd at least like a 2nd brand to 'compare and contrast'.

      I'm working in Coquitlam tomorrow, so will try to check out Planet Organic.

      1. re: aussiewonder

        They didn't have it at T&T? Sorry about that. I was sure they had it - maybe in the Filipino aisle...(I shop at the Renfrew location).

        It's solid like butter because it melts at slightly higher than room temp. You can get liquid oil though.

        1. re: fmed

          All good saturated fat is solid at room temp. Palm oil is the same- beautiful stuff.

          Sat fat is bad but not remotely as dangerous as trans fat.

          1. re: John Manzo

            My reading tells me that coconut oil is much healthier to cook with than canola or olive due to the latter's oxidation at higher temps.

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        1. I thought saw it at the Spice Rack in Delbrent Mall, but am not 100% sure.

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          1. Question CoconutOilGuy...I'm using the coconut oil for cooking (specifically, to drizzle over raw oats before baking it into homemade granola). Can I use almond oil? Is coconut oil typically expensive? I guess i'll trudge over to the capers tom and see what they've got. I didn't have time today to get to Planet Organic.

          2. Hey all!

            Here's a little lesson on coconut oil...John, you said saturated fat is bad, but not as bad a trans fat. True, but only to a point. The saturated fat in coconut oil is exactly the saturated fat that you want to be consuming; it is a medium-chain triglyceride, which is quickly metabolized by the liver and NOT stored as fat. Coconut oil actually helps boost your metabolism, and is a very important component of a healthy diet! The saturated fat in meat/dairy products are less desirable because of the added cholesterol and as well, they are not medium chain triglycerides.

            I have tried so many brands on the market and my favorites for cooking and/or baking are Bali Sun (available at Planet Organic and several other health food stores) and Nutiva (Planet O). Community natural foods do not carry these brands, FYI. The flavours of these two brands are superior to all others I've tried and price wise, Nutiva is very reasonable. Bali Sun will set you back a bit.

            I'm a holistic nutritionist and I'm constantly learning how to incorporate healthy alternatives into a foodie-esque diet...coconut oil is one of the best recommendations I can make!

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            1. re: _foodlove_

              thanks for the clarification food love- but you also have to consider the monumental and disastrous effects of feeding ruminants corn (as has become the norm in 99.99999% of the beef cattle in the US- not so much in Canada, and thank God) and how that has impacted the fat they carry and the impact on those of us who eat beef. Grass-fed beef doesn't have the sort of dangerous fat that corn-fed does- and yes I'm just plagiarizing from The Omnivore's Dilemma here but it's an important issue.

              1. re: John Manzo

                I found it so expensive downtown that I decided to go to the Indian Stores on Main Street. I found pure coconut oil for $4.99 (500 mL). Much better than the $10+ in the downtown stores (IGA and Urban Fare).

                Punjab Food Centre
                6635 Main Street

              2. re: _foodlove_

                I would like to buy C.N. oil in five gallon pails. Does anyone know a place in Victoria that sells it?

                1. re: Puffin3

                  Hi Puffin3 :)

                  I was wondering if you ever found a source to buy coconut oil in 5 gallon containers. I'm opening a cafe and will need to buy good and affordable coconut oil in bulk. I would appreciate it very much if you could share any information you've been able to find.

                  Thanks a bunch! (I'm in Vancouver area)


                  1. re: tman378

                    If you're doing the cafe thing, you should probably check around with whoever supplies you with other things. Snocap or similar may just have something akin to this in their lengthy listings. It might be hard to find on your own in those catalogs though...

                    I can't remember if either of the two big name natural distributors have a bulk size coconut oil, but you could always give them a call: Horizon or UNFI. In addition, you could give Omega Nutrition's BC office a call and see if they do any direct sales.

                    1. re: thatwhileifound

                      Thank you for the useful information! I've contacted all of them and none had coconut oil in bulk sizes available. But some of them, like Snowcap, have very wide selections of other products for food business. So now I have them on file as supply sources for future needs.

                      Thanks again!

                    2. re: tman378

                      We have bought 5 gallon containers at 'New Directions' Toronto. Being on the Island we found a source for 3 gallon containers at 'Richardson Foods in Nanimo The price is cheaper and they will arrange for you to met their delivery truck and pay COD as long as you're there on time. We met the truck at Duncan. Don't know if they deliver to Van. I doubt it. There's got to be a businesses in Van. Goggle up 'soap making supplies in Van. They will sell 'food safe' coconut oil '76.

                      1. re: Puffin3

                        Thank you Puffin3! By googling your suggested search terms, I came across Alpha Health Products here in Burnaby. Their website is ... Can't get any closer to what I need than that! :D

                        I have to go through some kind of verification process before I can get exact quotes on the products though. But that should not be a problem. It should be less expensive than ordering from the U.S. in any case. Shipping costs usually negate any advantage of lower prices.

                        Thanks again for taking the time to respond, Puffin!

                    3. re: Puffin3

                      Richardsons food group in Nanaimo sells coconut and palm oil in 16 litre pails for the bakery industry. You could also try Sysco in Victoria

                      1. re: herbrick

                        Richardson's has been bought out by Lekker foods.
                        They sell food grade refined '76' CO for about $80.00 for five gallons. Available in Van.