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Feb 3, 2009 02:18 PM

[DFW] Zymology - newest addition to Lower Greenville

Anyone tried this place out yet or heard anything good/bad about it? I pass it every morning on the way to work. The sign intrigued me: "Zymology: Beer Wine Bites." There's a tiny blurb about it on one of those DFW websites (, maybe?) and it says that it aims to have a large beer and wine selection, as well as chef quality food. Their website is non-functional so far, but the little blurb I read said it was aimed for a late January opening. I think that's correct, as the last few days I've driven by it, it looks like a finished product.

Oh, and its location is next to the Zubar and Gezellig.

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    1. re: teegee

      That's where I read about it! Couldn't remember.

      Anyway, I think I'm going to go by there next weekend and see if it's open/what it's all about. Oh boy do I hope the beer selection is not as lame as the rest of this area's.

      1. re: mistyp0523

        looking forward to a first-hand report!

    2. I was there last night - great atmosphere, great beer and wine lists, great food, and great prices. It's exactly the place I've been looking for on lower Greenville.

      1. I went there last night. Lots of good small plates(gourmet wood oven pizzas, sliders to name just a few). Very happy with the varied selection of beer and wine.

        Once the weather gets nice, the rooftop patio will be awesome!

        I like this place because they really want to not be that typical place that you find too frequently in Dallas. They also will start some specials soon like $3 pint night on Mondays, Wednesdays are $15 bottle of wine specials on selected bottles.
        I love a place because they don't have bud, miller, coors and even corona. I really hope they get the support and become a fixture of lower greenville!

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        1. re: yelof

          Sounds like a good alternative for those who don't want to make the drive out to Flying Saucer. I was curious to see if they'll have any pint nights, so glad to know about that.

          Thanks for the heads up, it sounds like a good place and I'll stop by sometime to check it out, hope to find something on draft that i haven't tried before!

          1. re: yelof

            Excellent. I'm so glad to hear this. I think Gezellig was trying to go this route (not with the gourmet food as much as an excellent beer list), but they have gotten caught up in the clubbish atmosphere in that area and the music on most nights is so loud you can't even enjoy yourself. I don't know a single person who wants to sip on a Delirium Tremens while listening to Ludacris at a million decibels. Jazz night is immense, there, though.

            I'm excited. Totally broke this weekend, but next weekend, I'm there. Will provide a full report here.

          2. I went this past friday. They had a decent selection of beers, not quite rivaling Flying Saucer though. I immediately expected to pay cover, thankfully not the case here. Atmosphere is extremely laid back, there's no loud music and it's a good place to sit around, chat, and have some drinks with friends. I also really liked their strong support of craft breweries and prices range from $3.75 to $5 for a pint. The food was much better compared to typical pub dishes. Split several dishes: macaroni and cheese, some pizzas, and fries. I don't know a thing about wine, but the rest of my group who did drink wine seemed to be happy with bar's selection. Service was excellent, they actually seemed pretty overstaffed, and I can see this place eventually being packed full of people.

            The only real gripe I have was the cost of parking, but I think if you get there early enough it'll be for free. I usually find myself in Lower Greenville purely to go to shows at the Granada, so any other tips on what to do about parking in the area would be nice. I like their premise and I'd definitely come back to support them, hopefully it'll stay around a while.

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            1. re: air

              When I go down to Lower Greenville, I park at Mockingbird Station and take the #1 bus from there to Greenville. It runs parallel to Greenville Ave. on Matilda, and you just get off at the appropriate cross street and walk one block to your right. Buses do stop running before the bars close (maybe around 1 or so), so it may not be an apporpriate solution all the time. However, if you're in the upper part of Greenville, where the Granada is located, it's not even a mile walk from Mockingbird Station.

              That's my two cents.

              1. re: mistyp0523

                also, as you go deeper into neighborhoods, there is legal street-side parking.

                1. re: mistyp0523

                  My goodness. You must not be native. Not to sound insulting nor condescending, but walk from the Granada to Mockingbird Station? Holy Jebus. I wouldn't walk anywhere around lower Greenville late night more than I have to unless I am with a group. And at 2am? Drunk? F-that. Get a cab.

                  1. re: adkim

                    Yes, I'm a native and I walk a lot. Granada to Mockingbird Station is about a 15 minute walk. And I wouldn't advise walking there at 2 am, since, as I mentioned in my post, the buses stop running before the bars close.

              2. So I tried it out last night. Mondays have Happy Hour prices from 5-7. All draft beers are $3 (besides Maredsous 8) and pizzas are half price ($4.50 instead of $9). Went with a group of four so we ordered a few different items, all were tasty. We did a plate of the sliders: crawfish tails with slaw and portabella on a hamburger bun; proscuitto with mozzarella and pesto on a baguette; and spinach, asparagus and sun dried tomato on a panini. Also ordered a spinach and tomato pizza. Ordered a side of fried green tomatoes. And an order of the fried calamari and artichokes. Everything was great, including the service.

                The website is fully functional now: Menu is great and I'll definitely be back to try out some other items.

                BTW, Wednesday nights are $15 bottles of wine. All of the wines are quite reasonably priced on regular nights, and our server gave us small tastings before we ordered a full glass.

                Highly recommended. I'll second other peoples' comments that the rooftop patio will be killer once the weather turns nice.

                Oh, and by the by, I walked over to Gezellig afterwards. I hadn't been in there in a while, but I do remember them having a good beer selection. Uh, not anymore. It was actually quite sad. Looks like they're going out of business, and quick.

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                1. re: mistyp0523

                  Tasty. What does that mean? Were the crawfish tails really good or just mediocre, how exactly are they served, just crammed between two slices of bread or what? How's the bread on the sandwiches and the dough on the pizza? Are there any particularly interesting wines, fried green tomatos in February, really? I mean this is chowhound you know. Many don't give a **** about the patio etc, but if the food was really good, we'd go out of our way for it. Or at least we used to be like that.

                  1. I'm not trying to knock you or anything. I appreciate all the info, thanks for letting everybody know about a new place. Being as this is chowhound, I just like to try to get as much information about the food as possible, like your info about the pizza crust is helpful. I definitely don't think you're worthless or anything, I'm no more of an expert than you are to be sure. I love a good beer and definitely think it's chowhound worthy, but the only beer you mention was Maredsous 8 which has been at the Libertine (iirc) forever and isn't really my style anyway (screw the experts, fruity beer is overrated). Did you notice anything else on tap that was pretty unusual?

                    So I don't think there's anything wrong with anything you said. I just wanted to hear a bit more about the food really.

                    1. re: luniz

                      Apparently the post that I responded to got deleted, which subsequently caused my post to get deleted, but it looks like you gave it a read before it got axed so that is a good thing.

                      Understood about wanting to know more about their food than anything else. I was drawn to the sign outside because of the fact that there was actually a sign about beer on Lower Greenville that wasn't made of neon and hung in a window, but when they finally posted the food menu online, I was sold.

                      I would probably order something other than the sliders next time, only because there are a number of other things I would like to try, and my stomach only has so much room. I'd absolutely order the pizza again. Not necessarily because it is the best pizza ever, but because they use local mozzarella (Mozz Co.), the ingredients are fresh, and I love the taste a wood grill imparts on food. And $4.50 (Monday's Happy Hour price) for what amounts to eight small slices is a steal.

                      As for the beer, they didn't have anything that I haven't tried elsewhere. The menu is posted on their website, which I linked to, so you can see if there's anything that tickles your fancy. I ordered a draft Guinness (they didn't pour it correctly, but it was still good) and two draft Spaten Optimators. They were out of Affligem Blonde, unfortunately. The seasonal rotator was Rahr & Son's Winter Warmer. Like I said, nothing you can't get elsewhere, but the food is considerably better than most bars, so that's a plus in its favor.

                      It's also good to note that it's been open maybe two weeks. They may start being a bit more adventurous with their wine and beer lists once they've established a clientele. I hope so, anyway. The beer selection in this city is the worst I've seen, and that includes the other big cities in Texas.

                      1. re: mistyp0523

                        Site isn't loading properly for me, sorry if some text may/may not have gotten cut out...

                        The food isn't the best ever, but it's definitely a step up from what you'd get at places like Old Monk, Gingerman or Flying Saucer. All in all, it has potential to become a good place to hit for monday night happy hours.

                        Did you also try any of the sauce on your pizzas?

                        I also agree that they'd be more adventurous once they establish a set of regular clients, who'd then weigh in on what kinds of beers could possibly show up on tap. Another thing to point out: they don't carry any Anheuser Busch/Inbev products, meaning no premium/import items like Bass, Blue Moon, and Stella Artois.

                        They seem eager to hear suggestions on how to make the place better, so I'm hoping they end up successful.

                        1. re: air

                          Good observation. I didn't even think about that, but you're right. It doesn't really bother me when those beers are on the menu in bottles as I just avoid ordering them, but it sucks when they take up a perfectly good tap that could be used for a great domestic microbrew. And it's always a nice touch when a restaurant won't cater to the masses on little things like that. It's a way of saying "when you step in our place, you're going to step out of your comfort zone, or you're going to go home thirsty." Trinity Hall does the same thing in principle...they stock the macros in bottles, but they charge $4.50 per bottle for them. At that price, why not order a nice Belgian tripel for $1 more? That's the idea, anyway.

                          1. re: air

                            I should have mentioned that the pizza we ordered was spinach and tomato with pesto sauce. They have sauces of the green, red and white varieties for their pizzas. I thought the pesto was quite good...not too oily, which is the complaint I make most often re: pesto (especially when I make it at home...can't ever seem to get the amount of oil right).

                            1. re: mistyp0523

                              Oh, I didn't mean the green/red/white - when I went, the server offered us some additional sauce that the chef makes for the pizzas. There was one spicy sauce that went well with the pepperoni. Just curious what you'd thought about it.

                      2. re: mistyp0523

                        Of course, as a "chow" site, it's about the food, but what on earth is wrong with knowing that there is a ****ing patio available as well as if there's music/live, intimate and quiet or brash and loud seating, dress up or dress down. And in this area, parking being at a premium as it is, certainly it is a notable concern.

                        Not to be glib, but dining out should be a whole experience of good food, good company and a good time, otherwise, why not just get the food to go and eat in your car?

                        1. re: CocoaNut

                          Cause getting the food to go will sometimes lead to a soggy experience, duh!

                          1. re: CocoaNut

                            Well said CocoaNut! There are times when i am looking for a particular dining experience and other times i don't care if i am sitting among folding chairs. I like to know everything about a restaurant!

                            1. re: pizzaQTpie

                              Actually, your comment reminded me of the one awkward thing there: the bench seating along the wall is entirely too high for the tables. I actually got used to it fairly quickly, but when I first sat down, I felt like I was towering over my friends sitting across from me. You'll know exactly what I mean when/if you visit. It's a bit odd.