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Feb 3, 2009 01:18 PM

Fine Dining in Calgary?

Hi western Hounds. I am visiting Calagary for the very first time and will be staying with friends. I would like to reward my hosts with a few great meals. We're all adventurous eaters and eat anything from true chowish finds or ethnic foods to an upscale dining room with dress code and good wine list. Location and price are not important., but good service and value for the buck for high-end dining are. (and by upscale I don't mean the type of place where the most important factor is being seen - food first!!) What's the buzz on new, innovative, local chefs? I'd welcome your recommendations.

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  1. For something fairly new, innovative, and high end, (but not too high) I would recommend Alloy. It's on 42nd Ave SE, just outside of downtown. Here's the website:

    I love the ambiance and energy in the room, and it's bright and reminds me of California, which is quite refreshing in Calgary in the middle of February!

    The 3 dinners I've had there have been memorable, to say the least.

    1. You'll probably get a few of these names more than once with your post but I strongly suggest downtown: DeVino, Centini, or Teatro, all should meet your requirements for outstanding food and great service. Outside downtown in Kensington, I'm a huge fan of both Muse and Chef's Table for the same reasons as my downtown choices.

      For great food in a more relaxed atmosphere (and smaller spaces) I don't think you can go wrong with two more Kensington joints in Niko's Bistro and Delicious Thai.

      I'm envious of your hosts, enjoy the eats.

      1. Please please please- Chef's Table at the Kensington Riverside Inn- search this forum for it.

        Also I went to Jaro Blue for my bday a couple of weeks ago and it still moves me, just a superb meal.

        Lots and lots of good press of late about winebar kensington and vin room.

        blink looks very cool.

        1. I would enthusiastically concur with the Chef's Table recommendations. I would have also recommended Il Sogno but with the recent departure of Chef Chabot I'm not sure what the state of play is with that restaurant.

          1. I would recommend Rush. I had a great time the two times I went, and the deconstructed BLT was certainly innovative!