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Feb 3, 2009 12:55 PM

Question re: Folliero Pizza in Highland Park

Do they serve wine and beer? Do you know the corkage?

Trying to figure out where to dine tonight but friend doesn't drink wine...he's ok wtih beer. I want to have wine but wasn't sure if they served it.

How's the atmosphere?

Also, is there anything new/good in the area ?


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  1. They do serve Wine & Beer. We bring our own wine all the time and I think the corkage is around 5 bucks? It's got an old school italian pizza place feel. The pizza's are not super thin but the crust is chewy with a nice flavor.

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    1. re: PurpleTeeth

      Not my intention to start a Casa Bianca(CB) pizza thread again, but how would you say it stacks up against CB? Live near there and would be a plus in many ways if it was close to CB.

      1. re: monku

        Folliero's is great. We also love Casa Bianca's pizza. Completely different types of pizzas. Folliero's is more NY style. Casa Bianca's is more Chicago(?). Each has their own great sausage pizza, each different from the other's. As for Folliero's crust, you can request (which we always do), that the crust be thin (delgada), making it much less doughy. With Casa Bianca, the crust can't be changed.

        Yet we prefer Folliero's. While Casa Bianca has the great sausage/eggplant pizza, Folliero's has a better straight cheese pizza, and also until recently, didn't have the insane and simply ridiculous wait. That may be changing - although it's still not too bad. Plus Folliero's is much cheaper and a far better value. Their sandwiches are amazingly cheap.

        1. re: Briggs

          Checked it out tonight and the crust was like a NYC pizza, we asked for the crust to be crispy. Ordered a large garlic and sausage pizza and it was good. Next time we'll try it with the thinner crust. Unbelievable for a large pizza $14.07 (they add the sales tax in) how cheap it is.
          Thanks for the rec and now we don't have to go to CB for pizza.

      2. Folliero's is excellent. They do serve wine and beer, with a small corkage fee. The pizza is the best in Highland Park, hands down. Also, the prices can't be beat. Try a large pie, any toppings, and a meatball sub. The sub is super understated, but features a nice red sauce and moist meatballs. The next best place in that area is Genoveses in Alhambra.

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        1. re: ohdaylay

          Is Genoveses in Alhambra still there? I was passing by a few weeks ago and looked like it was another restaurant? Maybe my imagination.

          1. re: monku

            It's there. I had a large meatball and olive pie just the other day. The best part about Genoveses is that you can buy raw dough from them. I take it home, throw it on the grill and make some nice flatbreads.

        2. Had the fortunate luck of tagging along with some friends yesterday to a house party in Pasadena and on the way home, they decided to stop by Highland Park to Folliero on Figueroa. All I have to say is WOW. Love the pizza. Amazingly doughy yet crispy crust. Just perfection and the toppings were fresh and delicous. This old-fashioned spot is something straight out of Little Italy. So happy to find something new (yet old -- apparently they have been there since 1954?) in Los Angeles.

          1. This is my Favorite CHEAP Italian. Besides the Pizza I always get the lasagna