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Feb 3, 2009 12:43 PM

Nashville - post Valentine's day dinner


I am traveling to St. Louis on Valentine's day for a wedding and will then be driving to Nashville. I have never been there before and am looking for suggestions for a place to have a "post Valentine's day" dinner. I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend is not but we eat all types of food. We prefer good food as opposed to stuffy, fancy atmosphere. We will be staying right downtown but will also have a car. Any suggestions?

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  1. Do you like Indian? Woodlands, on West End Ave. at I-440, is a vegetarian restaurant and very good.

    The Yellow Porch, on Thompson Lane in the 100 Oaks area, is warm and cozy and they usually have at least a couple of veg entrees and apps.

    There are a number of Japanese and Thai restaurants that offer veg dishes.

    Many of the upscale restaurants won't have extensive selections but are veg friendly. If you post more about the type of cuisine you are looking for it would help in making other suggestions.

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      We are honestly probably not looking for anything ethnic for dinner that night. Most restaurants have at least one or two veggie options for me so I am just looking for place that has great food and a good atmosphere. Thanks!

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        I also like Germantown Cafe quite a bit. The prices there and at Yellow Porch are going to be a little less than Flyte and Miel and City House, and both are quite cozy. GC and YP are also great places to go for lunch -- different menus, great prices.

      2. I would recommend Germantown Cafe. They don't necessarily stress a vegetarian menu, but they always have good options. It is very close to downtown with a great view of the city.

        1. We love Flyte and City House, both of which are in the downtown vicinity. Both usually have a couple vegetarian offerings, and the menus change regularly based on what is in season and is local. Good atmosphere as well. Good Luck.

          1. I second the reccs of Flyte and City House - Flyte, in particular, always has a veg option in each of their menu sections, and the chef knows what he is doing. I'm not a vegetarian but often eat their veg options and love them. City House is Italian (Tuscan, really) so know that your veg options there tend to the pasta or simple pizza - that said, they are great.

            Another consideration might be Miel. Fairly new, but really nice, and they have a very good way with their vegetables. If you chose them, I'd call ahead and see what they were planning for the vegetarian plate when you were going to be there.

            Flyte World Dining & Wine
            718 Division Street, Nashville, TN 37203

            343 53rd Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37209

            City House
            1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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              Thanks for your suggestions! How are these location wise? We are staying at the Hilton downtown... are they close? Would we need to drive there?

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                Miel is your furthest out and you'd need to drive. City House is in Germantown, so on the "down the hill past the capitol" side of downtown, maybe 5 miles or so. I'd think you could get a cab there or to Flyte, which is within the I40 loop, same as downtown Nashville, but not really walkable. Flyte is a mile from your hotel, but I wouldn't want to walk that mile, really.

                Also, I see someone else has mentioned this, but while Flyte's meat IS very nice and care is taken with it, I'd never think of it as a meat eater only kind of place. I mentioned it specifically because it is the one place in town I would take my vegetarian friend for a dinner where she felt that her entree was just as cool (if not more so) than everyone else's.

            2. All the places mentioned are car destinations. If it were me, I'd go to Zola. Straight shot about 3 miles out West End. Lots of good food, plenty of veg options. It's consistently one of theb est restaurants around. Flyte specializes in provenanced (hand-farmed, specialty) meat, so I'd probably not go there.

              If you want to walk, Sole Mio is a really great Italian place just a block or two from you. Incredible homemade pasta. Nice walk.

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                If by "Post-Valentines Day," you mean Sunday the 15th, a bunch of restaurants in Nashville are closed. Among these, Zola, Miel and Flyte. City House is one of the few that is open. Heathens need to eat too, but apparently not in Nashville.

                1. re: badlemur

                  No... I was thinking probably Tuesday night!

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                    A lot of high-end restaurants have one night off per week, regardless of the city they're in. Please don't frame this practice as being anti-non-Christian. The choice of Sunday probably is due to the fact that business is slowest on that day in this town, and yes that's probably due to the fact that it's, ya know, *Sunday.* But these restaurants aren't taking Sunday off because the owners (or the customers) are overtly Christian.

                    1. re: TLF

                      I don't think the OP was trying to offend anyone. As a new resident, I'm often frustrated by the lack of options available on Sundays.