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Feb 3, 2009 12:39 PM

CSA help!

So... I know there is another thread about CSAs which made me start thinking about one of my own. I have never belonged to a CSA before but would really like to. I live in Allston and am having trouble finding anything that will work for me. There are two farms that have drop-offs in Allston/Brighton on Fridays which would not be convenient for me as I spend many summer weekends away. Is there any place that drops off in Watertown? Belmont? Brookline? Help!

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  1. Waltham Community Farm has a Sunday dropoff. Farm is next to Bentley, about a mile from Watertown.

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      Well, but if lmuller doesn't want a Friday drop-off because they're away on summer weekends, Sunday isn't going to help. I refrained from mentioning Stillman's Sunday pickup in Brookline for that reason.

    2. Parker Farm drops off 2 days a week: Davis Sq on Tuesdays, and Central Sq on Wednesdays (if memory serves).

      But act very very quickly, i got an email last friday saying he's on the verge of selling out. This will be my 4th season with Steve Parker, and though we have moved to JP and work in the south end, my wife and I bend over backwards to make it to cambridge every week to get the stuff. It is amazing

      1. Boston + Localvores has a nice summary of farm shares -http://www.bostonlocalvores.org/csa.html - though the list does not reflect 2009 price increases. We live in Allston, and seriously considered Red Fire Farms - they have a pick-up one weekday evening, I think, in the parking lot of the Brighton Whole Foods. FYI, Waltham Fields is sold out for 2009.

        We moved to Boston in September 2007 and spent a lot of time researching CSAs. In the end, we joined Waltham Fields because we visited the farm during weekend pick-up hours and loved the atmosphere. We also joined Chestnut Farm's meat CSA; this is our third month and the quality is beyond compare. I've seen reports that the Belmont Farm CSA has disbanded, but I haven't confirmed with the farmer. We were winter CSA shareholders with Belmont, and loved everything we got.

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          According to their website there will be no 2009 Belmont summer CSA. They are recommending Picadilly Farm with pickup locations in Belmont and Arlington. Anyone with any experience with them?

        2. Last year I was a member of the Farm School, which has a pickup from 10-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Watertown (right by the Arsenal Mall, where Athena Health is).