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Feb 3, 2009 12:35 PM

Veggie but not fake-meat/ raw stuff/ vegan

I'm looking for restaurants that have good veggie options beyond roasted vegetables. Closer to the Westside. To make this difficult, neither of us are into fake-meat/ raw stuff/ vegan food and we are both Indian-so eat enough of that at home. We both eat dairy and eggs.

To give you an idea of the places we've found and like (note that these are just entrees that are good to give an idea of what kind of food we're looking for)

Cobras & Matadors: Amazing veggie options
Houston's-great veggie burger
Pitfire Pizza (westwood)- great bean soup, burrata pizza, veggie sandwich and pumpkin pasta
Sushi Masu- Vegetarian sushi combo
Girasole (on larchmount)-amazing pastas and soups
Cholada (on the PCH) -many veggie options
El Chollo (santa monica)-it's a chain, but it works for us! Bean enchiladas/fajitas, etc.
Coral Tree (brentwood/century city mall)-good paninis

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  1. Not too familiar with the westside...but a few places I can think about on my side of town (Hollywood/Silverlake) are Cheebo, on Sunset and Gardner, lots of pasta, pizzas and salads, Lala's on Melrose, has meatless (cheese and onion, spinach and onion, etc) empanadas, as well as salads, veggie skewers, lots of rice dishes, and Elf in Echo Park, which is all vegan/vegetarian, and although I haven't been there yet, the menu, which is on their website, looks amazing!

    1. Other places you should try:
      Mrs. Winston's, which has locations in Century City and Santa Monica. Best salad bar I've ever seen.

      Clementine in Century City, which always has some great veggie salad/sandwich/soup options

      Real Food Daily -- I know you said no vegan/fake meat, but I've had some tasty stuff there

      M Cafe de Chaya -- which has both a Culver City and a Melrose location. They have some fake meat options, but plenty of tasty veggie options that don't include fake meat.

      1. shamshiri grill, a persian restaurant, has a whole section of their menu devoted to persian vegetarian items.
        in addition, most of their appetizers are vegetarian

        my favorite entree is vegetarian gormeh sabzi.
        as a side, i substitute vegetarian adas polo made with brown rice for the basmati rice that they normally serve.

        1712 Westwood Blvd.
        Westwood, CA 90024 Phone: (310) 474-1410

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        1. 26 beach restaurant in venice, will gladly sustitute tofu for meat in any of their delicious entree salads.
          the two salads that i especially like are their tuscan salad (which normally doesn't come with a protein source, so i order a side of grilled tofu on the top.)
          their pan fried goat cheese salad.

          also, they make a mean veggie burger that comes with salad or fries. trust me on this, get the fries; as truly excellent as their entree salads are, surprisingly the side salad is meh. their fries, on the other hand, are, imho, sinfully good.

          1. A Votre Sante on San Vicente has good non fake meat options.

            Amici for pastas, as well as i Cugini.

            Babalu on Montana (really like the grilled veggie salad and yam fries :)

            Cafe Dana and Kreations Organic Cafe on Montana

            Fritto Misto

            Pizzicotto, Palmeri, Pecorino all on San Vicente

            Greenleaf Chop Shop in Beverly Hills - design your own salad with great protein options as well as great fresh ingredients (herbed baked tofu, egg whites, edamame, cheeses), as well as soups

            Eat Well on Santa Monica

            Newsroom Cafe on Robertson

            Musha in SaMo

            Houston's for the veggie burger

            Gaby's Mediterranean

            Porta Via

            Angeli Caffe