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Feb 3, 2009 12:30 PM

Huntington, Fairfax Co.? (south of Alexandria)

This is where I live, and those of you who know the area know that it's not exactly dangerous, per se (well, unless you're hanging out by the Hutington Metro, or the 7-11, after midnight), but it is a little rundown. That said, is there *anywhere* along Huntington Ave. or at the intersection of Huntington Ave. and Route 1 that's worth getting food from? Authentic pupupas, anything like that? (I don't care if the place is a little seedy, as long as the kitchen is clean enough and the food is good.) It can't be past (or on) Telegraph, or on Route 1, or in Old Town (or Carlyle, i.e. SW of Old Town but north of the Beltway). I'm looking for an actual Huntington place, if one exists. (Oh, I already know about To Be Thai, on the Huntington/Route 1 intersection.) And I know about delivery, too. ;)

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  1. Check out in this shopping center on North Kings There is a decent Bosinian place there. Though the original owners have left and they sold it to others. The menu hasn't changed though. They make their own sausages and I really like their Bosinia burger. The original owners moved to which is further down Route 1. Just bear in mind that restaurant cosmopolitan shares space with a golds gym and it kinda smells like a locker room. I recommend take out.

    There is also a decent Peruvian place next to the post office. Not the best food in the world but if you're close by it works.

    Eager to hear about any other interesting places.

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      Thank you!! This is great info.. I'll bike over there tomorrow and check these places out. :)

    2. ABI II i slocated off N. Kings Highway in the same parking lot as the post office. I've been to the original ABI in S. Arlington. The Mexican/Salvadorean food is great. The margaritas are also fantastic.

      1. Just a teeny bit south, Viet House on the corner of Rt. 1 and Kings Highway is pretty good Vietnamese food. 6226-A Richmond Hwy

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          I like that place. Go there often to have my Pho itch scratched.

        2. Used to live right in that area. We used to get pizza a lot from Juliano's, also their calzones - quite delicious. believe its in the same shopping plaza as To Be Thai (which we didn't really like all that much)....either way, its the huntington/rt 1 intersection. You might already know about it though based on your note above.

          1. Old Chicago Pizzeria (on Huntington, between Rt. 1 and Telegraph) has great pizza and breadsticks. Just try not to touch anything. :)