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Feb 3, 2009 12:19 PM

Anyone been to Gino on Lex (with the dancing zebra wallpaper)?

I passed this place on the weekend right after eating an excellent meal at Fig & Olive (so I was stuffed). It looks like a time warp of old New York. All I know is it's cash only and it looks like it hasn't changed since it opened in 1945. I'd love to hear any tips or warnings.

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  1. Someone recommended this place to me. I guess it reminds him of the Italian restaurants from his childhood(?). It is definitely in a time warp. When we went, we were the only customers under the age of 65. I tried to order a cocktail and the waiter says, "What are you crazy? You are gonna get drunk if you drink that!!!You don't want him to take advantage of you." Then he says to my date,"She reminds me of my daughter, I have to look out for her."

    The food was nothing special. My date had the chicken parm. I had a Chicken a la Capri, I think. We ordered dessert to share. The waiter gave us a 2nd dessert for free.

    1. I live just around the corner and haven't been here in a long time. It seems to be the kind of place that works best for families that have been coming here thru several genertions. I ordered their spagetti with their 'surprise' sauce; I think the surprise was that Chef Boy-ar-dee still makes tomato sauce. It certainly has an 'old New York' feel tho, and that's nice. For really good Italian food in the neighbor.hood-go to Mia Dona. It is simply wonderful and very well priced.

      1. ahhh gino!

        i grew up just a few blocks away from gino and even as a child felt the charm of this really old-school establishment. i mean come on - those zebras! as stated, the crowd is, and always has been, a bit older...but it was always a fantastically fun people watching scene from mafioso italian speaking gesticulating men, to recognizable celeb faces of the eldere variety, to couples who look like they've eaten there 3 nights a week for the past forty years, to more establishment types.

        the food is nothing innovative, inventive or worth writing home about. stick with classics. linguine with white clam sauce was always my personal fave there. i'm sure its technically over-priced. i don't, nor do i particularly want to eat here very often, but my heart would break a bit if i knew it wasn't there anymore. so oh just go and enjoy, close your eyes and pretend you're in a 1950s movie set and enjoy those magical zebras.

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          thank you, all. i knew the hounds would have lowdown.. :) you guys are awesome.