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Feb 3, 2009 11:51 AM

What should i eat at Balthazar?

I'm going to have dinner at balthazar this weekend, very excited, lol. The problem is that i rarely dine at nice places. I've also never dined at a french restaurant.

So i'm here to ask for advice on what dishes to order. From the appetizers, entree, and dessert. It would be great if you guys could describe the dish as well since i dont understand the french menu lingo. Thanks! I'll also report back on what i though of balthazar

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  1. Their warm chocolate cake dessert is always a winner. Banana Ricotta is also fab. I usually go for dessert so I can't answer on anything else. There are plenty of fine desserts to choose from.

    1. I really like their steak tartare (raw steak chopped up with various condiments and a raw egg), the french fries (frites), the steaks tend to be good, the seafood platters ....

      1. Most of their standard bistro fares are quite good.

        For apps: Onion soup, chicken liver and foie gras mousse, steak tartare. The seafood platter is very good too.
        For main: steak frites, steak au poivre, basically I found their meat to be better than chicken. Their burger is actually very good, better than a lot of steakhouses' and gourmet burger shops'.
        dessert: any pastries like apple tart tartin or banana tarts tend to be quite good.

        1. sounds good so far guys. I forgot to mention that i'm not a fan of seafood. I'm not gonna try the steak tartare doesnt sound like its for me.

          So far the duck confit sounds good. but i'm gonna be ordering for our entire table so i need to tell all my companions what to get as well, lol. So keep the recommendations coming

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          1. re: ORyan

            well, if your companions like raw oysters, the ones at Balthazar have always been excellent when i've had them...ditto the shrimp cocktail...

            i also like the Balthazar salad and the beet/goat-cheese salad...

            i don't think too much of the cooked food there, but the steak frites and burgers should be good...

            1. re: Simon

              My favorite lunch there is onion soup and steak frites, followed by a stop at their bakery next door for a chocolate and pignoli nut tart.

              1. re: Simon

                Personally, at Balthazar, I prefer brunch to dinner or lunch. I would go with the steak frites, shrimp cocktail, the French onion soup, and the warm chocolate cake or a fruit tarte for dessert. Enloy!

              2. re: ORyan

                Duck shephard's pie, esp on a nice cold, night. And make sure you get some frites

                1. re: ESNY

                  I had that when I went there for lunch on Labor Day. It's a really nice upscale shepherd's pie, made with lots of red wine and I believe duck confit. Just what the doctor ordered.

              3. App: French Onion Soup
                Main: The Cote du Beouf (for two) is a superior cut of steak fit for Royalty and well above the quality of steak used in the steak frites. For a splurge this is truly worth it. Comes with string beans and awesome onion rings. (Bring home the leftovers)
                Dessert: Profiteroles - Cream Puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and bathed in top quality chocolate.

                Wash down with a flute of champagne.

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                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  sounds good actually. that dish is sort of expensive though..

                  other than the cote du beouf, what is the next best steak at balthazar?

                  1. re: ORyan

                    Let's see if I have some photos....

                    1. re: ORyan

                      I like the steak frites with béarnaise sauce the best. I had the liver, onions, and bacon, w/ mashed potatoes, the other day and it really hit the spot. Onion soup, shellfish platter, the pavlova for dessert, those are the dishes I usually order. I've had the duck confit, but for some reason, it's too rich for even my taste.

                      1. re: michele cindy

                        lots of recommendations for the onion soup. I think that is definetly gonna be one of my appetizers

                        1. re: ORyan

                          There is an herbed butter served on the steak in the Steak Frites. You can ask for it on the side. Although the Steak Frites is good, the Cote du Beouf is great.

                          The Profiteroles...speak for themselves...

                          Pix of the Steak Frites and the Profiteroles at Balthazar:

                          1. re: TrishUntrapped

                            Do you have a photo of the Cote du Beouf? Thanks!

                            1. re: michele cindy

                              Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the Cote du Beouf.

                              You may well ask why.

                              At the time it was being served I noticed Robert Downey, Jr. sitting across from me. That distracted me (in a good way) to no end.

                              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                I see there was a different kind of beef typically not on the menu at Balthazar... :)

                        2. re: michele cindy

                          I've never had the duck but I know it comes with potato chips rather than actual roasted potatoes. That is definitely a drawback for me.... but I would definitely love the try the duck.

                          1. re: steakrules85

                            If you ask, they will let you order a different potato. I've had mashed instead of frites, and one time the spaetzle, (had to push a little for that one), but they did it.