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Dinner in Pasadena

Any ideas for a nice dinner in Pasadena? I prefer entrees under $25. Anything other than Mexican or Asian would be great.

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  1. I'm going to Azeen's Afgan on Union for the first time tonight. It's gotten some stellar reviews.

    1. Cafe Verde

      Cafe Verde
      961 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91106

      1. I keep prodding people toward Central Park, across from the REAL Central Park on Fair Oaks, just far enough away from Old Town to be calm and un-mobbed. American, mostly under $25. Flatiron steak and sand dabs highly recommended; ate there one night with two salad-eating friends who were delighted with their stuff as well. Smart, friendly wait staff, good enough wine selection. Neither world-changing nor mind-blowing, just good solid fare.

        Green Street gets a lot of good press, but I don't really care for it as a dinner spot - much better for lunch. Just about any place else in your price range (which is ours as well) is either some kind of Latino, some kind of Asian, or a burger joint.

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          I agree, Central Park would fit the OP's request.

        2. Cafe Verde is good, but I would opt to go to Malbec as my first choice.


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          1. Madeleines Restaurant & Wine Bistro on Green St. Fine dining in very nice room (think stately manor). Best atmosphere and food of those recommended so far*. I believe a majority of entrees are under $25. + they're participating in DineLA thru Fri this week.



            *Though other recommendations good also, esp Malbec for beef.
            Central Park - if you want to stay well under $25 (almost all entrees)

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              Madeleine's is Pasadena's most underrated restaurant. It has everything - competent menu, great wine list, good servers, and most of all a grown up, rather romantic room. Not cheap, but for less than Parkway Grill or Derek's you get more.

            2. La Grande Orange is great.

              La Grande Orange
              260 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

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                La Grande Orange has a lovely room - the old deco-era train station, nicely refurbished - and good service. It is noisy as hell, but then it's all concrete and tile and there's a heavy bar scene in the next room. What we've had has been OK, not outstanding; my burger, for instance, was perfectly cooked but lacking any real beefiness, and the bun melted well before the halfway point. The menu is quite limited - several different categories, but only a few choices within each one - and it is about two notches more expensive than Central Park, which is directly one block west. It's still certainly worth a visit.

              2. If you like small plates - Bar Celona in Old Town serves pretty decent tapas. The mussel and clams dish was $13 - it was buttery and rich and served with toasted garlic bread - yum. I suggest Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar too - I haven't tried it yet but menu looks pretty good.