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Feb 3, 2009 10:54 AM

Austin Deli

Has anyone found a good deli in Austin. I recently moved here from NYC and haven't had any luck. I've tried Katz's (terrible), Manny Hattans (fair), and a few sub/hoagie shops. So far Hog Island is top on my list.

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  1. bella donna (off burleson and 71)
    hog island (16th and lavaca, havent tried 4th and lavaca)
    little deli (woodrow and justin st)

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    1. re: glorpisgod

      These may not be what you are used to (coming from NYC) but they can make a mean sandwich...

      San Francisco Bakery off Anderson has the best sourdough bread. Any sandwich with this as a base is wonderful.

      New World Deli- Good Ruebens and Curried Chicken Salad

      Little Deli- Just a cool place with good food

    2. I'd add the Kitchen Door to the list just for the meatloaf sandwich.

      The Kitchen Door
      2504 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX

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      1. re: CookInAustin

        Thanks for your input, I will absolutely give them a shot. Hog Island has an excellent cheese-steak, I believe them bring bread in from the Northeast.