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Feb 3, 2009 10:20 AM

ISO Valentine Day recs on a budget

I need recs for Valentine's Day on a budget, would like to spend $100 for two with wine/sparkling wine and exellent seafood between Malibu and Downtown. We went to hungrycat last year and really enjoyed the meal but I would like something different and romantic. Any recs? Watergrill is too stuffy and blows the budget, Plus for any place with no corkage! Thought about Colori kicthen but its our default resto. Is it possible to eat at Saddlepeak Lodge for $100? Geoffrey's in Malibu?

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    1. Valentine's is on Saturday this year, and sunset will occur early, around 6. I like your idea of a drive up the coast -- use Geoffrey's for what it does best, it's amazing view, valet parking, and elegant cache. Go for drinks, and maybe an appetizer. (Best call first to verify that you can do this on Valentine's, and you don't need to buy into a full dinner just to park and walk in. Let them know you will be out of there early.)

      After that, be creative and don't try to spend your way into romance. For seafood, the current darling of this board is Marisco Chente, with its location across from Taqueria Sanchez on Centinela below Washington and north of Culver. Big dishes of ultrafresh whole shrimp (heads, legs and feelers intact) in complex Mexican sauces with rice for about $11. If you and your date like it, buy some domestic or inexpensive caviar and some appropriate crackers, bread or other accompaniments. Substitute liberally with other alternatives (The Penthouse at the Huntley or the Getty Museum for the view, shellfish or chocolate for the grub) mix, stir, and administer liberally.

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        Its funny that you mentioned MC, because after I posted I made the decision that MC would be our Valentine's Day special treat. The dishes Im excited about are the Camarones ala diablo, coctel de pulpo y camarones...what else for two people?