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Feb 3, 2009 10:18 AM

Thai Thai in FiDi?

I noticed this place this morning. It is at 653 Clay, across from Jai Yun, and looks cheery. Yelp reviews suggest it opened in November. Any reports?

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  1. I've gone here for lunch a couple times now, it's starting to become a regular in the rotation. I haven't tried many things there yet, but everything's been tasty so far. $1 thai iced tea or coffee with lunch.

    I have the takeout menu in front of me, perhaps someone can help out. They have a section called "Thai People's Favorite" without English translations. Some of these, I got an idea about from Googling. I'll ask them next time I make it in there, but thought I'd try here too! Here are the dishes they have listed under there:
    Kor Moo Yang
    Kao Mun Gai
    Kao Ka Moo
    Kanom Jeen
    Suki Heng

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      How does it compare with Siam Kitchen or other Thai places downtown?

      1. re: david kaplan

        On balance, I think I slightly prefer Siam Kitchen to Thai Thai, but not by much. I've also liked Banana House on Kearny, but haven't been there in some time. Wasn't that big a fan of the place on the corner down from Banana House though, don't recall the name.

        Last time at Thai Thai, I had the Pad Woon Sen - thin silver noodles with chicken and some vegetables. Pretty good - surprisingly ungreasy, tasted pretty fresh. I noticed they have some metal bins ready to go with food, so it may make a difference if they have to cook something to order . . .

        1. re: david kaplan

          I think their cooking is fine (although from the meat you can tell they cater towards faster preparation rather than longer stewings), but they can't make anything spicy to save themselves. I have asked for my curries extra spicy, was pleased when I was asked back "American hot or Thai hot", answered "Thai hot!", and ended up being served something that would be considered mild at most Thai restaurants.

          That said, if you can stand a mild curry, their red pumpkin curry is quite tasty.

      2. link

        Thai Thai Restaurant
        653 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94111