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Feb 3, 2009 10:13 AM

Pork belly with mui choi-梅菜扣肉

Does anyone have a good pork belly with mui choi (梅菜扣肉) recipe that includes tea leaves? Back in October, I was in China and tried a different version of pork belly and mui choi that had tea leaves in it. It gave it a twist in flavour and tastier. I think it was a black tea that they used based on the flavours but I can't be sure. I can't remember if we had it in Nanjing or Hanzhou, we went to 10 cities on our trip.

Thanks everyone !

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  1. Were the tea leaves mixed into the mui choi and served along side the pork belly? Or was it merely steeped into the braising liquid?

    If the latter, I'd imagine you could just add some tea leaves to your braising stock/liquid as you cook the pork. If the former, then I have no idea.

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      I really don't know if it was braised with the meat and mui choi or if it was placed afterwards. When the dish came out, everything was mixed all together. I guessed I should have asked at the time. Anyways, if anyone has an idea or hint, let me know. I guess I'll just have to make batches and batches of pork belly for the next few months. I'm sure hubs won't object to pork fat =)

      1. re: gourmet wife

        My guess would be that the tea leaves were simply steeped in the braising process and then removed (in much the same way that Chinese tea eggs are made).

        Good luck ... and if you have problems with leftovers from you science experiement, I'm here to help!

    2. It's definitely with black tea leaves, it's the only kind strong enough for cooking. You have to marinate it for hours for the flavors to be deep enough. Marinate it overnight then braise. Tea leaves are a popular spice in Northern China cusine.
      Don't use tea bags, have to get the actual loose leaves, not the tea "dust."

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