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Feb 3, 2009 10:11 AM

RH at the Andaz Hotel?

Anyone been? I might be eating dinner there tonight and would love to hear what fellow chowhounders think. Menu looks promising.

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  1. I'm staying at Andaz, Hyatt's new concept hotel in West Hollywood. I've been to RH a number of times for dinner. Very promising. Sabsastien, the Chef is from Corsica and has a terrific understanding of flavors. Some of his sauces and au jus are very complex and they nicely contrast/compliment some very simply grilled proteins. As simple as it is, his mashed potatoes (as much butter as potato) is to die for. So is his mushroom tart, and just about every soup I've tried. They need some help soucing better seafood and fish though. They are pitching RH as a market to table concept -- open kitchen -- create your own meal from proteins, grains and vegies. I think Sabastian needs some time to settle and refine the menu, but RH has great potential.

    1. My husband took me to RH for Valentine's Dinner. I was skeptical as I am not typically impressed with the West Hollywood scene or the restaurants in general in LA. All I can say is LOVELY-- from the interior, to the service, to the wine list and of course, the food. It does take a minute to understand the various menus (pick from your proteins, veggies, etc or look on the chef menus...) but once I made the tough decisions, it was fine. I had the double pork chop, the cauliflower gratin (AMAZING!) and my husband had the beef cheeks and a caesar. We also ordered the apple tartin. Everything was excellently prepared and the portions were perfect- not too small and not overwhelming. The service was on par with the better NYC establishments and absolutely no attitude. My only complaint was that the banquets (against the back wall) were poorly designed and seemed to be an afterthought. They were not integrated into the design at all-- a real shame. A few rugs are needed in here as well. We also toured the rooms and the pool area after dinner. Very interesting designs-- not sure I would pay the $300-500 rates, but the rooms facing Sunset all had glass sitting rooms overlooking the views. Great concept.