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Feb 3, 2009 09:56 AM

Upscale bar menus at a discount?

I'm planning a casual affordable catch-up dinner with a girlfriend on Friday and am looking for a great restaurant where we can have an impressive meal that's less expensive than the dining room. Below Midtown is preferred, but we're flexible. Any suggestions?

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  1. Gramercy Tavern comes to mind.

    1. The bar at Craftsteak is very affordable. But it is mostly bar food like burgers and fries and such.

      Hearth started offering soup at their bar and they are wholesome and cheap ($5!)

      Of course Terroir is a wine bar on its own and the food there is great.

      Not below midtown, but Picholine offers their Menu d’Economie at their bar which is a bargain. Daniel also has special offers at their bar. (and Bar Boulud is one of my favorites, though the whole restaurant uses the same menu)

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        Kobetobiko, if you spell Terroir wrong one more time, I'm going to send a note home. That's twice today. And yes, I have too much time on my hands.

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          Hi small_h, Thanks for correcting. I typed too fast ("i" and "o" are just right next to each other).

          And now it's corrected! ;D

      2. What's Mario B.'s place by Irving Place? Bar Hamon?

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          It's Bar Jamon. It is basically a bar but you can order things from Casa Mono which is attached to it.

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            You can? in all these years of going there I had no clue you can order from Casa Mono. Then again, I usually always OD'ed on serrano ham but that is good to know.

        2. I enjoy eating at the enoteca at Del Posto.

          1. I like Enoteca i Trulli, the wine bar attached to iTrulli. They have a bar menu of small plates, salumi and cheese but you can also order from the full menu.