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Dallas-Crawfish season yet?

Anyone seen any advertisements for Crawfish yet? I know it's early still; but have some friends coming in this weekend and that is one of the things they aske about.

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  1. it's really too early, you could eat them anyway though.

    1. These are two Texas producers I am sure there are more...might give them a ring to see what they might have available and when the height of the season is.



      Here are some local guys (oddly both in Lewisville):


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        I'm more looking for a restaurant that is advertising them than me cooking them myself.

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          Nate's got them.

          Nate's Seafood & Steakhouse - Addison
          14951 Midway Rd
          Addison, TX 75001
          (972) 701-9622

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            Agreed on Nates. Ask for the turbo, these will rock your world. Nice thing about Nate's, they are large and crisp (fresh). Nothing worse than a soggy crawfish. The rest of Nate's dishes are 'just ok'. Rather inconsistent.

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              I had Nate's in Allen about two Friday's ago and they were not large. They were medium to small however they had thrown a couple large ones on top but there was only 5 or 6 of them. We had ordered three pounds. I just wondered if it was a little too early still in the season.

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                The availability, price, and size of crawfish can vary dramatically from year to year. I don't think this is a particularly good year for them. I've talked to crawfish devotees who live in Louisiana and they're having the same problem finding decent sized crawfish.

                Rule of thumb is the height of the season is around Easter and it's almost Easter.

                I ate at Nate's in Addison the other day and the crawfish were definitely on the small side.

      2. We go to Cajun Hut in Saigon Mall in Garland for boiled crawfish (and blue crabs). There's also The Boiling Crabs on Walnut/Plano (never been there). They both serve crawfish throughout the year.

        1. Had them at Sea Breeze in Plano last week! Some were small, but very tasty.

          1. The problem I have is that most restaurants in Dallas live under this delusion that real boiled crawfish have Tony Chachere sprinkled all over the outside of the boiled crawfish. HINT: REAL BOILED CRAWFISH HAVE THE SEASONING IN THE WATER

            Sea Breeze in Plano is the only place in DFW I have eaten crawfish where they are spiced and boiled correctly.

            1. Had a chance to go to Nate's again last evening. I had intended on having mudbugs at Shuck and Jive in Addison, but they went through all their inventory that afternoon. The people at S&J did say that the crawfish had been on the smallish side, but had improved in the last week to a nice 'extremely medium'.

              I hightailed it to Nate's (Beltline and Midway in Addison) where I ordered a few cold beers and a few pounds of the bugs. I went turbo, and I do appreciate the previous response that chastised the layered of extra seasoning but damn I like a good cry with my beer.

              This was Weds evening and the crawfish we also very medium but very tasty. Nate does a nice job of the things, and I did not see anyone that didn't order at least two pounds in the whole place. Large groups of women ordering them, older couples and all in between. They had an accomodating blues band playing. That and a cold beer makes the peeling go fast. My intentions were to get two more pounds, as most people were doing, but I happened to notice Nate puts out a little happy hour spread in the way of complimentary Jambalaya and blackened catfish. Now this was not the finest example of Jambalaya, but it was free. I tossed a helping onto provided paper plate as if I were at a Sunday afternoon picnic and went to town on some nice sized shrimp and blazing catfish.

              All would have been fine there, the crawfish were on sale for 6.99 (Tuesdays I understand they go down to 3.99) but the shots of jager commenced. I have never felt so welcome anywhere in my life, Everyone was as friendly as could be, and I even managed a phone number of a cutie I was sitting next to.

              There is just something about the crawfish season that makes everyone feel special. It is like a holiday and everyone is invited. Large or small, seasoned, unseasoned, I felt truly blessed to partake in the ritual and commonality that which is crawfish season.

              1. Had some good mudbugs about a week ago at a Razzoo's in Cedar Hill, of all places. They were fairly small, but I think the flavor is really good in the early spring when they're really small and not as good in late spring when they've grown larger. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

                Oh, and I haven't been to Central Market in a month or so, but I recall from previous years that they usually have good sale prices on their crawfish by the pound several times during the spring. If you can catch the crawfish when they've just come out of the steamer, buy a couple pounds, take them home, and eat ASAP ... so good!

                1. They are starting to get pretty large. By the way avoid bugs at Joe's Crab Shack in Plano on 75. The waitress said they are about broke and will not be buying them live this year. Hence, they are frozen.

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                    You should avoid eating there anyway. It is one of the worst restaurants in town.

                  2. Had some pretty tasty crawfish at pappadeaux last night, there were a good size and great price ($3.95 for 1.25 pounds on Mon and Tues nights)...came with corn and potatoes too. Also had a dozen gulf coast oysters on the half shell there for just under $5.

                    1. I grabbed some this week from the Bayou Market in Lewisville. They were 4.99 per pound. There were all sizes in the 3 pounds that I bought. They were nice and spicy. These guys boil in the seasoning as opposed to the add on spice they have at Nates. All in all, it was worth the trip. I plan on leaving with sausage when I go back. Any questions you might have can be answered on their website listed above.

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                        What is the address of Bayou Market??

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                          The address, a map, and a menu are all on the website. You might want to check out the menu before you go so you know what you are getting into. When I saw their spread of fresh seafood, beef, and sausage, I nearly went crazy with the impulse buying. Next time I will load up on that sausage.


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                            I had never heard of this place before. My buddy and I bought a sack of crawfish off of them last week. We also bought two po boys from them. If you have never been they don't have a "restaurant" license so if you order some thing, it's "to go" you cant eat in the store. We got our crawfish and then ordered our po boys; they have an open kitchen so you watch them bread your shrimp and make your sandwiches right in front of you. It was the best po boy I have had in Dallas. Outstanding. I live in Richardsonson and would drive back over there just for the sandwich. They know what they are doing.

                      2. Was at H-Mart for a little grocery pick up and a light lunch, and noticed the live crawfish were very nicely sized at 1.99/ lb., and of course you can hand pick them. Blue crabs were nice too.

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                          As TJ's told us, the market for crawfish is going to skyrocket for a few reasons. The supply is low due to a freeze and the demand is high due to the Saints being in the Super Bowl. Jon suggested that they will hover in the 4.99/ lb range and be on the smallish size, but should stabilize as the season marches on.

                          That said, I saw them at for 2.99 at HMart last night. But they were VERY tiny and they didn't have much and said they wouldn't last the weekend (my Korean is strong when it comes to dinner... j/k).

                          While on the HMart, I noticed their food court is back full again. The little dumpling kiosk is now open, finally. It is just ok, I was hoping for a better selection of dumplings.

                        2. Was just at a Signature Kroger in Bedford (harwood@central) and they have them live for 1.99/lb. Don't know if they're at all Krogers or not.

                          1. I noticed a large sign outside Fish City Grill on Henderson announcing, they have crawfish.

                            1. Flying Fish, Luther Ln @ Preston, has them - 4.99/lb. Didn't eat 'em, didn't see 'em, so have no idea how large they are. http://www.flyingfishinthe.net/Presto...

                              I would imagine the Addison and Ft. Worth locs also have them.