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Feb 3, 2009 09:24 AM

Prosciutto Rinds

On a lark, I picked up the ends of prosciutto de Parma and Wesphalian ham.

After slicing off what I could to eat as a snack before the roast chicken was done, was wondering what to do with them.

Pea soup was the first thought, replacing the ham hock. (we are a family of 2+dog and cat at the moment).

What else could this be used for, or is pea soup the best use?


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  1. Save your rinds, put them in soups of all kinds: Wedding Soup, Ragou, etc...

    1. You can dice it up and use it as a base for sauces in the saute (ie; rendering some pork fat into it).

      1. I used a prosciutto shank to make winter melon soup, a Chinese soup that normally utilizes Chinese cured ham. I put in the skin and fat and meat, and the taste was phenomenal.

        I also rendon some of the skin for the fat, which I later use for fried rice / noodles, eggs, potatoes.

        I sprinkled the crispy skin (left from rendering the fat) to mashed potatoes.

        1. Fagioli con le cotiche, beans and pork rinds. The best are the prosciutto rinds even though some people use fresh ones.

          1. Allow it to boil along with your favorite greens. Cabbage is what immediately comes to mind, served with polenta cakes or arepas. You'll love it.