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Feb 3, 2009 09:02 AM

Stebu Sushi - Waterbury, VT

Stebu Sushi is located at 4 South Main Street, in Waterbury. I have no idea how long they've been around. I just found out about this place a week ago, and I was very excited. I went there today for lunch. It's located in the lower part of the building that used to house Great Wall chinese, and across the street from Arvad's. I got take out (which was fast, they already had some boxes with selections of rolls in a cooler at the front). They have several small tables, and the restaurant is very nicely decorated. There is -no- smell from fish (which there shouldn't be) and it is scrupulously clean, which I found very encouraging.

Two people up front, one guy making sushi, and a woman running the register. They were both pleasant and looked happy. :)

I bought 12 rolls: Salmon, tuna, shrimp, and spicy tuna for $9.50 (that price includes the tax). They had a lot of variety, from seaweed salad to edamame to various kinds of rolls.

It's -so- good. Ok, so I'm not a sushi afficiando at all. I know from fresh fish, and I know what I like, that's about it. So I really like the sushi from here a lot. I'll leave it for people who know from sushi better than I do to rate it on the how good the sushi is scale. All I know is it's a GREAT lunch option, and I loved what I had.

Go, give it your own shot, and report back here!

For those of you visiting Stowe, it's not too far a drive to get here. :)

Their hours are 11:30-5, Tue, Wed, and Thu. They offer pre-ordered/pre-made pick up until 6PM. Their phone number is 244-1115.

Here's their website:

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  1. oh YAY! I'm glad someone got to try this....there was an article in the Stowe Reporter about it over the holidays but we didn't get a chance to try it yet....sounds like the prices are reasonable as well. Thanks!!!