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Feb 3, 2009 08:52 AM

Excelsior is Closed

For good. Was there Saturday night when they let everyone go. Bonfire will take over the space sometime later this year. They hooked us up with some amazing wine deals that night...

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  1. I hadn't heard about their closing. I just called them to see if they might have a message on their voicemail and a woman answered the phone and said "Hello, Excelsior." I asked if they are still open for business and she said in a rather grave manner, "No, we are not." I said thanks, but I guess she was too busy hanging up on me to hear it. :-b

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Do you expect her to be happy about it?

      1. re: csammy

        Well, no, but...well, she could have had some manners. I just thought it was a bit rude, but skin off my back...

    2. So, you were dining in the restaurant when the announced the closing and let everyone go? Mid-meal?

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      1. re: heathermb

        according to my very inside source, bonfire is absolutely not coming in there. they will be reopening in the fall, new concept

        1. re: heathermb

          We were drinking at the bar, we had a big group and had ordered a few magnums of wine and champagne and my friends 'inside source" came over and told us the details.. I left around 1 am when it was obvious that they had started letting the employees know, it was very strange because the bar was completely packed and people were still coming down from upstairs. There was some hugging and goodbyes going on outside.

        2. I'm curious: why would Bonfire take over the space? Have they not enough seats where they are?

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          1. re: almansa

            that's exactly what I asked, sounds like that info was not correct.

            1. re: almansa

              bonfire is barely holding its own. it will not be moving.

            2. I was never of fan of Excelsior, thought the food was overpriced and dull, worse after Lydia Shire pulled out, though I did give the downstairs bar some business. Still, I feel bad for all the people suddenly out of work. Scary times for the industry.