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Feb 3, 2009 08:43 AM

Irving/Grapevine recommendations

DH and I live in on the east side of Plano so the only time we go to Irving is on our way to the airport. We're attending a conference in Grapevine over Valentine's Day weekend and I'm hoping to get some recommendations for good places to eat. We'll be staying at the Westin DFW.

We'll eat the breakfast buffet at the hotel on Sat, but is there a good breakfast place that you would recommend for Sunday?

Lunch: We'll probably eat at Pho Republic based on the reviews here.

Dinner on Sat: A nice romantic "date night" appropriate place.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you go to Richardson/Garland for Vietnamese...Pho Republic will be decent not the best.

    If open on Sunday Argentina Bakery would be good for breakfast. I like their spicy empanadas for breakfast.

    Temptations on Beltline and Walnut Hill...will fill your Indian or Himalayan cravings

    Kasbah Grill for Morrocan on Esters and Rochelle

    Danals for Mexican on O'Connor and on $25 for $10.

    I haven't been but Jerico is a new Mediterreanean place on Pioneer and Esters...also a coupon on

    If you are up for Indian......veg only Taj Chaat Cafe would be a great choice.....they are always filled with natives. Royal Sweets is the same for chaat dishes and sweets. Pasand across from Irving Mall is a great choice too.

    I thought Cavalli on Belt Line and 635 was a bit pricey for the small pizzas...they are good but not great compared to what I had in Rome.

    Most of the places won't be "romantic" but have great food. Most of the romance has left Irving.....I think the classiest place would be the Four Seasons. Other than that it is fair game.....lots of chains around the mall.

    Grapevine would probably be more romantic....Bob's Steak and Chop House, Silver Fox, Ama Lur at the Gaylord, Ferrari's and Boi Na Braza are all the high end places. More moderate - Esparzas, Tolberts for chili, Campangia or Coal Vines for pizza in Southlake, Cafe Italia in Grapevine

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      re Jericho - I've been there and there are much better Mediterranean places around. Ali Baba at 114 & Macarthur is better. Better than that is Cafe Medi in Colleyville - Hwy 26 south from the hotel - it'll be on your right in a strip mall. Best Mediterranean food without going to the Greek area in Plano, or downtown FW.
      Newly opened place in GV - corner of Bus 114 and Dooley - Los Cabos. Seafood with a Mexican twist.
      Do agree with the Temptations mention above.
      Italian in GV - Ferrari's on Wm D Tate - ask at the hotel - they'll know - across from Silver Fox. Or Cafe Italia - 2 locations.

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        Although it's out of he requested area, I'll vouch for Cafe Medi. Very good spanokopita.

    2. Tuscany Art in Dining is a new restaurant in Grapevine that is very nice. I have only eaten there for a group event so not sure how the individual menu is. Food we had was good.

      1. LH, I always enjoy reading your recommendations. From what I've read on your other posts, we have similar tastes. I'll skip the pho then and try Pasand for lunch. I'm not sure I can convince DH to try an all vegetarian place.

        The Argentina Bakery sounds nice. We'll give that a try.

        Have you been to La Joya?

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        1. re: jasmine_bay

          Nope...have heard it is good but I am not going to pay that much for Mexican! I am sure it is great and all but I paid $12 for mollejas (grilled sweetbreads) at El Ranchito and those are hard to come by. There were btw very tasty and the service there was superb.

          On a side note, I would suggest if you have some free time making a trip to Oaxaca this summer. You won't forget it. It is not high on the tourist list but if you are a foodie you will clammer for the food when you return to the States. I think in total with cooking classes and a guided tour, eats, room and airfare I spent $3,000 for a week with my wife.

          There are some great taquerias in Irving. My favorites are Danals (tex-mex) and San Diego Taco on Story just south of 183. I still have yet to try Dona Lencha about a block away on Grauwyler. I will say that the El Pollo Regio on Belt Line and Pioneer is great. For $14 you and your DH can get a great spicy grilled whole chicken with beans, rice, torillas, and grilled onions. Worth the trip to the east side close to Texas Stadium is Captain Nemos Subs....the best philly cheesteak style it is not authentic but I know a lot of people who grew up on them!

          I grew up in Irving so some of the places I remember have been long gone.

          1. re: jasmine_bay

            I've been to La Joya. It's a good place, and different than other mexican restaurants. I would give it a recommendation, but with the understanding that it is more expensive than it should be. It's the only place I know of serving chile relleno en nogada. pardon my spelling if I messed up.

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              Agree on the expensive La Joy a comment. Good food though. Affordable, equally (or better) tasting food easily available elsewhere.

          2. Need to raise a red flag on Esparza’s. There once was a time (pre-90’s) where Esparza’s was one of only 2 well-known places to eat in Grapevine. The food was never very good, but being virtually the only game in town, they kept a brisk business and survived with a devout following. They used to make a deadly ‘rita and from other review sites that I’ve seen, I believe that’s still the case. Seemingly also still the case is the poor food quality. So, for FWIW.

            Though I haven't been in about a year, Main Street Bakery is on... Main Street in Grapevine. I used to really enjoy the ham/cheese crepes, but looks like they've taken them off the menu. The baked French toast is really dense, heavy and much too sweet, but I've enjoyed other pastry/bagel options for breakfast. Yes, while this is the original location, it's the same as the one in Plano.

            If you’re up for steaks or seafood, definitely include J.R.’s Steakhouse in your consideration (though they’re probably booked for V-Day). Though not lately, I’ve been here 3 times and have never been disappointed with food quality, service or ambiance. All exceptional. Google for many add’l reviews or check DMN/Guide. Somewhat difficult location. SB service road 121 south off 114, exit Hall-Johnson, go thru intersection and continue for about 1/2 mile. Pricy.

            If you do opt for dinner at Cafe Italia, it’s small and intimate and would be appropriate for “date” night. I was just there last weekend and had the lobster ravioli. Oddly, it had NO taste – AT ALL. My friend had Chicken Jerusalem which was very good, but not outstanding. As an app, we shared the stuffed mushrooms. Again, just ok, but worth ordering. Service was very attentive, yet unobtrusive. Dinner entree’s include pastas, beef, chicken, veal, and seafood with prices ranging from the low teens (pastas) to mid 20’s (beef). Lunch menu is the same (minus beef selections) and prices are nearly cut in half. BYOB.

            While you’re in the GV area, there are a number of winery/tasting rooms up and down Main Street in GV. These feature wines local to TX. I’m not a wine drinker, but occasionally, I have need (or desire) to buy a local wine as a gift. If you enjoy trying local wines, the staff at SuVINO is very friendly and welcome you to the tasting bar. They are located just around the corner from Cafe Italia.

            Also, there are many other interesting shops (antiques, beading/jewelry, biker gear, galleries) and small, locally run eateries along Main Street. I believe most are open on Sunday if you have free time before returning to parts North.

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              All the great recs have been made for Grapevine (and you could even include South Lake since they are so close), but another Irving spot is Via Real. Think Sea Bass Enchiladas. Nice place near the Four Seasons.

              I will be appearing at Temptations today for lunch (thanks LH for placing that thought back in me gulliver).