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martini in FiDi, North Beach, Chinatown

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Taking some out of town guests to Sam Wo for the experience later this week. Would like to bracket the meal with good pre and post-drinks.

Was away from town for a few years and have recently returned. Anything walkable that would serve a great cocktail? Real martini, good gin. Nothing chocolate or coffee or pink.


Moderate scene is okay.

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  1. Tosca on Columbus. Great martinis, great "house coffee", great atmosphere.
    Edit to add: Sorry missed the "nothing coffee." Still great place for a martini

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      it's not a coffee martini though....so Tosca does count. Good classic vibe too. Thanks for the reminder.

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        Where did you go? How was Sam Wo and what did you have?

        Tosca Cafe
        242 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

        1. Please report your Edsel-less experience.

          1. If you're doing SF classics, how about Tadich? I'm sure if you even suggested a pink drink they'd suggest you go elsewhere. Closer to Chinatown and still an SF classic would be Alfred's.

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              tadich makes a good martini. the bar area (in front and to the left) is small but entertaining. note that they don't welcome you with a classic double martini glass. that's the price of poker.

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                Yes, Alfred's, and the drinks are served in the shaker so you're getting more than a double.