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Feb 3, 2009 08:25 AM

Best Picks in Columbus, Ohio?

Traveling to Columbus for business at the Convention Center. I've been to the area many times, but feel like I'm missing the best choices. Any suggestions or recommendations for your favorites within walking distance (1 mile or less) of the convention center? Any style food is welcome if you think it is Chowhound-worthy!
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Within 1 mile of the convention center:
    - Rigsby's - A Columbus classic and a great choice, with Italian food on par with Babbo (Been to both, check chowhound or blog for full reviews)
    - Rosendale's - smaller portions of high end food, wouldn't be out of place in NY/Chicago/LA. While I wasn't "blown away" the food was great and the presentations moreso. Chef Rosendale finished #2 in the US Bocuse D'Or this year (to the chef at TFL) and has trained with Thomas Keller at TFL in the past, as well as led the culinary olympic team.

    Deepwood had SOME decent food, but IMO is vastly overrated and I'd steer clear.

    If you can hop a cab, check out BoMA - it was fantastic under the previous chef and the new chef used to head up M at Miranova.

    An additional unique and great option is Dragonfly - a Vegan place down near campus on King that is mindblowing and highly regarded by vegans/vegetarians across the country.

    If you're really traveling and have a car, the two best places in the city - The Refectory and Kihachi - are located out near Dublin.

    I have reviews of many of these here on Chowhound if you just do a search.

    1. UHockey has nicely summed up some of the good eats in town -- and yes, I can vouch for his recs.

      In addition, there's Kooma, which is one of the bettER places for sushi. You also can't go wrong with North Market, as it boasts a plethora of ethnic cuisines (not necessarily authentic, however. But delicious.) Jeni's inside market is a definite must try. Both Kooma and North Market are within walking distance.

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        True - Kooma is quite good.......depending on where the O/P is from. If she comes from a coastal area, or a finer city (NY, LA, LV, Chi, etc) then I always have trouble giving sushi recs........great sushi here is bottom 50th percentile in many major cities. :-(

        1. re: uhockey

          geez RIGSBYS must have bumped up their game exponentially to be put in the same sentence as BABBO - lol!

          1. re: mrnyc

            Or perhaps Babbo is a lot of hype for a celeb chef - lol!

            1. re: uhockey

              its a tossup as to what is more hyped, a place like BABBO or your firm conclusions based on your single visits.

      2. What about LUM's? it still around?

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        1. re: Mike R.

          LUMs has not been in business for many years. Remember it well from OSU college days in the '70s.

        2. I work in the Arena District just kitty corner to the Convention Center. Across on Nationwide Blvd. is the Flatiron Restaurant, which serves New Orleans style food. Very good and reasonably priced. Are you looking for specific price points?

          Lunch suggestions - 1) the North Market, which has loads of different cuisines and food stalls. Would be a good place to pick up stuff for your hotel room. The chocolate place is really yummy and they sell fruit (albeit $$) there as well. They have a URL. 2) Danny's on Front St. has the best corned beef in town, they also serve breakfast. About a 10-15 min walk from the Hyatt. 3) in the Short North - Mac's (great Scottish pub food), Surly Girl, North Star.

          Dinner - if you have access to a car or taxi, German Village (about 15 min drive) has some unique sole owner restos: Lindey's (very excellent), Barcelona (terrific) Both have URLs and menu links.

          The Hyatt has very mediocre food, if you want a great continental Bfast, walk north on High St. to Warren St., turn right into A Piece of Cake, very good bakery. Should take about 10 min. There is a food court in the CC which has mediocre food as well. The peanut place makes a decent PB&J and the Oriental place is about the best of the bunch IMHO.

          1. I think Rosendale's is quite over rated and it is expensive. I really like the Burgundy Room (small plates), their scallop dish is amazing!